Kadumim Colonists Escalate their Aggressions against the Palestinian Farms in Kafr Kaddum village

Kadumim Colonists Escalate their Aggressions against the Palestinian Farms in Kafr Kaddum village
Violation: robbery of olive crop.
Violators: Kadumim and Hivat Gil’ad colonists.
Victims: Kafr Kaddum and Amatin farmers.
Date: October 10, 2010.

The olive picking season is very important for the Palestinians, it is more like a ceremony. During this season, the Palestinian houses become empty, though everyone, even infants, are to be found in the olive fields. All the school children run towards the olive fields when they finish their classes.
On the other hand, the Israeli colonists also become very active during this season; the colonists aggressions rates rapidly increase during this period. The colonists targets people and trees including the olive trees which are blessed trees according to the Palestinians and it symbolizes their struggle. The colonists try to destroy as much olive trees as possible by torching, cutting, uprooting, and even using chemicals against them.
On October 10, 2010, a group of Kadumim colonists raided the olive fields in the eastern parts of Kafr Kaddum (parcel 4). At the same time, Hivat Gilad colonists attacked the southern part of the village (parcel 6).
The organized attack had a sole objective which stealing as much olives as possible. The olives that many families largely depend on them to provide food and income. The colonists aggressions directly affected 7 Palestinian families imposing different levels of damage. 
Mohammad ‘Ali, Mohammad Ibead, and Abdul Razeq Taha officially complained to the Israeli Occupation Police which, as usual, do nothing to stop the colonists hostility.
Moreover, on October 11, 2010, Kadumim colonists set 43 olive trees alight and drastically damaging them. The trees were located nearby the colony fence in Kafr Kaddum (parcel 2). The trees belonged to the heirs of Mahmoud Saleh and were more than 40 years old.
Picture 1: Kadumim expanding over Palestinian lands
Abu Mus’ab Ishtewi, a member of Kafr Kaddum Village Council, insisted that the attack is not an isolated incident and that such attacks have been occurring for a long time. He stated to an LRC observer:” Kafr Kaddum is one of the most affected villages in Qalqiliya Governorate. The village totaling 20000 dunums in area has lost more than 7000 dunums for the sake of colonial expansion in addition to the construction of various military structures. The surrounding colonies, called Kadumim Compound, deprived the village from the basic needed services in addition to the closure of its main entrance. Also, thanks to the colonial expansion and the continuous land-grab, the unemployment rate has been increasing throughout the years. The olive picking season is considered one of the most important ones for the villagers; nevertheless, not one season passed without different sorts of aggressions and attacks carried out by the Israeli colonists and the Israeli Occupation Army against the villagers. Not a single household have been spared from the continuous attacks, however, the villagers are determinant to harvest their crop and protect their trees”.
It must be noted that the colonists attacks are held by a systematic approach; they do not target a single region but try to spread the fear around the Palestinian communities especially in the olive picking season in an attempt to force the farmers to leave their fields.
Most of these colonists belong to radical terrorists organizations; they believe that they have the right to torment and ordeal the non-Jews. These people are fed with such thoughts since they were young and they hatred grow larger with every generation.
All hostility is being held under full protection of the Israeli Occupation Army which contributes to the colonists efforts whenever the Palestinians attempt to defend themselves.


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