The Israeli Occupation Forces Occupies Three Residences in Hebron City

The Israeli Occupation Forces Occupies Three Residences in Hebron City
On September 2, 2010, Israeli soldiers took over Salim al Salaymah house in Al Baqa’a area to the east of by-pass road 60. They took over the roof, put on tents, and turned it into a watch tower. They even planted Israeli flags over the house.

Picture 1: Alsalaymah’s captured house
Three families, consisting of 17 members, dwell in the occupied three-storey-house. The Israeli forces closed the only path leading to the house using barbered wires preventing the resident from passing through. In addition, the Israeli Occupation Forces took over No’man Shabana’s house in Bani Na’im. The house is located at the crossroad leading to the village and branching from by-pass road 60. They also converted the roof into a military post and raised the Israeli flags there.
Picture 2: Shabana’s captured house
Shabana stated to an LRC observer: “ on September 2, 2010, Israeli troops broke into our house.They took over the roof and the second floor; I had to stay in the ground floor alongside my wife and my daughter’s family. Two days after the incident, we received a military order informing us that the soldiers will occupy the roof till the 12th of September for  security reasons. After the 12th, I called the Military Administration which informed me that the soldier will remain till needed.”
It must be pointed that the house is inhabited by a ten-member-family including shabana’s family and his daughter’s.
Moreover, the Israeli Occupation Forces took over a residential building, a property of Sa’di al Qawasma, on September 2, 2010. The building is located near Beit Kahil bridge.
The owner reported to LRC that the Israeli troops took over the building consisting of 5 apartments and handed him a military order informing him that the soldiers will remain till September 13, 2010.
When the order expired, they handed him another order extending the soldier stay till September 19, 2010. It must be pointed that the Israeli Army had taken over the building 9 years ago. When they left it, the owner completed its construction and rented the apartments for quite cheap prices by offering a two-year-stay for a one year lease. Al Qawasmi intended to keep the house inhabited in an attempt to protect it from similar take over.
In relation to land grab for colonial expansion purposes. ‘Ata Jaber informed LRC that a group of Israeli colonists took over part of his land in Al Baq’a. He said that the colonists leveled an area of the land in what appears to be a step toward laying a foundation for a house there. Jaber added that the colonists put a sign saying: “Neve Hebron is to be build here”.
Picture 3: the sign put by the colonists
The threatened land is located at the edge of by-pass road ‘60’ and against Kharsina colony. The LRC observer was not able to get to the area because of the soldiers occupying Salem al Salaymah’s house and preventing anyone from getting nearby.
Picture 4: ‘Ata Jaber’s residence and the threatened land
‘Ata stated that Israeli troops raided his house on September 9, 2010 and remained there for 8 hours. He said that the soldiers handed him a paper with hand writing informing him that he must report to the Israeli Intelligence in Kfar Etzion.