Shavout Rahil Colonists Increase their Attacks on Agricultural Lands in the Village of Jaloud

Shavout Rahil Colonists Increase their Attacks on Agricultural Lands in the Village of Jaloud
Violation: Continued attacks against agricultural lands in the village of Jaloud by Israeli colonists of Shavout Rahil.
Date: The month of August, 2010.

The hills surrounding the village of Jaloud have witnessed throughout the generations continuous waves of Bedouin migrations looking for water and food. The fact that these hills have plenty of water springs and fertile lands made it a favorite destination for herders and farmers. However, the ghost of Israeli colonization devoured the village’s northern, southern and eastern lands. Seven colonies and outposts on the hills surrounding the village have rendered it an isolated village with no connection to its surrounding Palestinian villages and towns. The lives of Jaloud’s inhabitants have become threatened all the time due to the aggressive colonists’ attacks that take place every so often.
Photo 1: The school of Jaloud which is considered to be the boundary
line between the village and Israeli colonies
Throughout the month of August, 2010, the village of Jaloud and its lands has witnessed an organized campaign of attacks carried out by Shavout Rahil colonists; on the 16th of August 2010 a group of colonists from the said colony damaged and cut around 150 olive trees averaging 70 years old. The damaged trees belonged to the 59-year-old Mr. Ali Abdel Hameed Mohammad Hasan from the village of Qasra. The damaged trees that Mr. Hasan owned were located in Parcel 19 of the village which is classified as Area B, according to the Oslo Accords.
Photo 2: A general view of the village of Jaloud.
The hill overlooking the land of Mr. Hasan has a colonial outpost called Kida which was established atop Palestinian lands in an area locally known as Al Khalla Al Wista. The outpost was established in 2003 in the aftermath of the call made by the ex-Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, call to intensify the colonial effort and to take over additional Palestinian lands.
Photo 3: Kida colonial outpost
The outpost is considered to be an extension of the colony of Shavout Rahil. It functions as a wedge in the heart of the village of Jaloud that helped in the deterioration and destruction of the basic infrastructure and lands of the village. The most recent violation took place on the 21st of August, 2010, when Shavout Rahil colonist set around 57 dunums located Al Khalla Al Wista ablaze. The arson took place in response to a coordinated effort between the village council and the International Committee of the Red Cross to rehabilitate more than 100 dunums in the area which is located in the vicinity of the colony and its outpost. The arson was carried out with a coverage provided by the Israeli occupation forces which provided protection for the colonists and prevented the Palestinians of Jaloud from reaching the fire in order to put it out. The fire damaged a large area that belonged to Mr. Fawzi Ibraheem Al hajj Mohammad.
Another outpost, called Haya, is located on the opposite side of Kida. It was established in 2004 on Parcel 22 of Jaloud’s lands which is locally known as Khallet Abu Shafraqa. As is the case with Kida, the outpost of Haya is an extension of the colony of Shavout Rahil and it controls more than 180 dunums of Jaloud lands. On the 23rd of August, 2010 a group of colonists from the said outpost set fire to more than 48 dunusm of Jaloud lands in Khallet Abu Shafraqa which was not used since 2004 due to colonist harassment. In the past, the burnt lands were used to be planted with barely by its owners Mr. Abdallah Tawfeeq Al Hajj Mohammad, Mr. Fawzy Ibrahim Al Hajj Mohammad, Ma’amoon Toubassi Abbad and Mr. Mustafa Awad Abad.
Throughout the years, Israeli occupation forces have forced the owners of lands in Jaloud to leave their lands at gunpoint. Coupled with attacks by the colonists, the actions of the Israeli forces have placed the residents of the village in daily confrontation in an effort to keep their lands. Colonists have prevented land owners from accessing their lands over the years which led to the deterioration of the economic status and conditions of the villagers and the increase in its unemployment levels.  
It is worth pointing out that the colony of Shavout Rahil was established in 1991 on Parcel 14 of Jaloud lands which is locally known as Al Khafafish. The area of this Parcel is 1026 dunums and it was confiscated in its entirety.
Photo 4: The outskirts of the colony of Shavout Rahil.

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