Israeli Colonists set farms and vehicles alight in Tal Rmeida

Israeli Colonists set farms and vehicles alight in Tal Rmeida
Violation: torching 15 trees and a couple of cars.
Violators: Israelis colonists in Hebron city.
Victims: Abu Haikal family.
Date: July 1, 2010.

Israeli colonists burned trees, farms, and cars that belong to Palestinians living in Hebron. Firyal abu Haikal, a nanny, said that fire burst in her family’s farm on July 1, 2010. She held the Israeli colonists responsible for the fire.
Picture 1: the land before the spark
Picture 2: the land consumed by flames

Abu Haikal pointed that the Israeli soldiers did not only stood as spectators, they also prevented the fire trucks from putting out the fire. Her family and she rushed to prevent the fire from getting to their home. The flames consumed a 5-dunum-land which was fenced by the Israeli Army using barbered wires, preventing the owners from reaching it. The raging flames burned 15 trees.
During an LRC field researcher visit, he saw a group of colonists guarded by Israeli soldiers performing some kind of a ritual in the land. Abu Haikal said that they do the same every Wednesday. Moreover, Israeli colonists burned two cars in Tal Rmeida; the cars belonged to Yahya abu Zeina and Hana abu Haikal.
Pictures 3 & 4: Burning of trees and properties in Tel Ar Rumeida
Hana’s mother said that the Israeli colonists burned her daughter and neighbor cars basing that on the testimonies of the people guarding their booths in the area at night. The witnesses said that colonists wearing Jewish traditional dresses burned the cars.
She also said that it is her daughter’s second car; the firs faced the same fate, her son’s car as well. It must be known that the Israeli colonists escalated their attacks in the City.
Torching properties is becoming more dangerous following threats to burn the city of Hebron as a response for the fire which started in Jewish cemetery last month. A fire that, according to the Israeli Army, was not man-made.


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