Burqa’s village Demolition Orders

Burqa’s village Demolition Orders
Violation: the issue of two stop-work orders against two structures, a residential and an industrial, prior to demolition.
Date: July 6, 2010.
Victims: Hijja family.
Violators: the so-called Construction and Organization Committee within the Israeli Occupation Authorities.
The Israeli Construction and Organization Committee officers accompanied by Israeli soldiers launched a raid against Burqa village on July 6, 2010.

They handed two demolition orders against a residential as well as an industrial structures claiming that they have received the needed construction permits.

Picture 1: the property of the heirs of Mahmoud Hijja

Picture 2: a photocopy of the stop-work order issued against the building

Picture 3: Hilal Hijja structure

Picture 4: a photocopy of the stop-work order issued against Hilal’s structure
Table 1: Affected Landlords:
Area (m2)
Family members
Structure type
Mahmoud Hijja heirs
Hilal Hijja
Industrial (blacksmith)
It must be known that the property of Mahmoud Hijja was built on in the 1970’s; the Israelis permitted the construction. However, the Israeli claim that the family amended ‘illegal’ additional columns to the building in a preamble step towards adding a new storey.
The Israelis considered the step illegal and ordered the immediate stoppage of construction. The Israelis set a hearing session in Beit El Military Court on July 21, 2010 to discuss the case before a judge. Issuing stop-work order in the main road in Barqa happens for the first time leaving the locals anxious about the future of the whole village.
The Israeli Occupation is threatening the lives of Palestinians in Burqa. The village lost more than 35% of its total area (18739 dunums) due to the confiscation orders placed for ‘military purposes’. Nevertheless, the confiscated lands were used for the expansion of the Israeli colony of ‘Humesh’ which the Israeli side declares that it evacuated it.
In 1980, Humesh was established at the summit of Ad Dhour Mountain in Burqa alongside parts of Silat adh Dhahr village. Prior to the alleged evacuation of the colony in 2005, its total area was somewhere around 1050 dunums in addition to 3000 dunums of ‘military zones’ that surround the colony. In 2002, 1950 dunums were confiscated for the milling of by-pass road ’60’ that connects Kidumim junction with Nablus – TulKarm road.
The whole area is closed in the faces of the Palestinians. In addition, the colonists’ retaliation for the eviction seems to never end, pouring their fury and brutality on the Palestinians living in the area. The Israeli ‘redeployment’ or ‘eviction’ of the colony was nothing but a game played by the Israelis.
In 2005, the Israelis took over hundreds of dunums, an area larger than Humesh itself claiming that it is ‘necessary for the safety of the colonists’ eviction process’. More than 2012 dunums were confiscated as a result of the confiscation orders numbered T/97/05, T/98/05, T/200/05, and T/201/05.
Burqa is located to the east of Nablus; it is surrounded by the Palestinian villages of Bizzariya, Sabastiya, and ‘Asira ash Shamaliya. The village total area is 18739 dunum including 702 of built-up area. 6000 dunums were confiscated by the Israelis for military or colonial expansion purposes.
Pic 5: General view of the village of Burqa

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