Evacuation Notices in Khirbit Tana in Beit Furik

Evacuation Notices in Khirbit Tana in Beit Furik
Violation: issuing 3 evacuation orders against 3 structures in Khirbit Tana.
Date: April 21 and May 3, 2010.
Violators: the Israeli Occupation Army – the Construction and Organization Committee.
Victims:  a number of residents of Khirbit Tana.
Location: Khirbit Tana is located 14 km to the east of Nablus city, Northern West Bank.

Most of the inhabitants of Tana are immigrants from Beit Furik who left years before the Israeli Occupation. Nowadays, more than 50 families, totaling around 300 people, reside in the village. Residents of Tana largely depend on farming and herding as their main sources of living.

Picture 1: Khirbit Tana
On April 21, 2010, the so-called Construction and Organization Committee issued military orders demanding immediate dismantle of number of the simple structures in Khirbit Tana.
On May 3, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Army issued a demolition Order against a house in Tana, saying that the house is built ‘without permit’ in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Agreement.  The Israeli Army offered the owners 24 hours leeway before carrying out the order, or else, it will face the same destiny of tens of structures that were previously demolished.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities do not recognize the residents’ right to residency despite the fact that they have deeds proving their ownership of the land and despite living there long before the Israeli conquest of the West Bank in 1967. It must be known that ALL of the structures in Khirbit Tana have previously received either demolition or evacuation orders.
Area (m2)
Type of Order
Type of Structure
‘Atif Hanani
Halt Construction
Shahir Hanani
Evacuation (military zone)
Najih Fatafta
Evacuation (military zone)

The Orders  1-3
It must be known that the lands of Beit Furik as well as Khirbit Tana are lands registered officially in the records of previous sovereigns of the area, the Jordanians and the Ottomans.
Beit Furik is one of the most fertile parts of the West Bank which makes a constant target for the greedy Israeli colonists. Since the occupation of the WB, the Israeli expropriated more than 50% of the village lands, a total of 18000 dunums.
Soon after controlling the lands of Beit Frik, the Israeli Occupation Authorities commenced laying foundation for the colony of ‘Makhora’ as well as placing a military outpost in the area.
It is known that Khirbit Tana was never spared from the Israeli colonists’ aggressions against its residents and structures. Such aggressions are coordinated between the colonists and the Israeli Army which provide full protection for the colonists no matter how hostile the aggressions are.
On February 2009, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the demolition of all the structures in Tana and the complete evacuation of its dwellers. Moreover, it ordered the confiscation of more than 30% of its total area (6000 dunums located in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo agreement).
Regardless of the fact that Tana has been inhabited long before the occupation, the Israeli Civil Administration refuses to let the residents live in peace and refuses to allow them to make necessary expansions of the village.
The villagers in Tana live in blocks houses, metal houses, and caves. There is a simple school and a tiny mosque in the village. It must be known that a number of the village residences were demolished by the Israeli Occupation in 2005.
On January 20, 2010, Israeli Army dozers demolished 30 agricultural and residential structures in Khirbit Tana, the consequences of such action were:
1.     The destruction of 30 structures with a total area of 1183 m2.
2.     Rendering more than 50 people (including 30 children) homeless.
3.     Depriving more than 20 students from their right to proper education.
4.     Tens of animals were left shelter-less.
5.     The destruction of the only active society in the village.
Basically, Khirbit Tana drastically suffers from the lack of organizational plans where it is included. Whereas, Israeli colonies have proper plans made ready for them and implemented on Palestinian lands.
The Israeli Authorities never hesitate to demolishing the houses of the owners of the lands, the Palestinians. On the other hand, it offers all the needed financial, organizational, logistic, support to the non-owners, the intruders, expanding on Palestinian lands.


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