New Stop-Work Orders against Palestinian Structures in Al Hadidiya and Samra

New Stop-Work Orders against Palestinian Structures in Al Hadidiya and Samra
Violation: Issuing 3 stop-work Orders against 6 Palestinian structures in the Jordan Valley region.
Date:  March 24, 2010.
Location: Al Hadidiya and Samra – Tubas Governorate.
Violators:  the Israeli Occupation Construction and Organization Committee.
The nomads’ gatherings around Tubas are all suffering from extreme measures imposed upon them by the Israeli Occupation forces and making their lives terrible.
On March 24, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Construction and Organization Committee handed the residents of Khirbit Samra two stop-work orders designated against a number of their simple structures.

The Committee provided the owners with respite that expires on April 15, 2010. The owners are supposed to correct the status of their structures before Beit El Military Court.
Picture 1: children threatened of being homeless
The residents of Samra are people who live in Tubas, however, during the spring, these shepherds move with their herds to Samra area because of its nature as a wide and plain grazing area.
Nevertheless, the Israeli Occupation attempts to clear the area and take over the agricultural lands, neglecting the fact that the families living there (5 families, 35 people) have deeds dated in the sixties (before the Israeli conquest of the West Bank in 1967) that prove their ownership of the fields.
To the east of Tammun located Al Hadidiya village which was not fortunate as well. On March 25, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Authorities handed one of Al Hadidiya residents an evacuation order of his barn.
The Israeli Occupation Army has previously named Al Hadidiya village, the whole village, a ‘military zone’, likewise, 46% of the total area of the Jordan Valley is considered ‘military zone’ or ‘Israeli Occupation Army training ground’ that Palestinians cannot enter. Table 1: the victims:
Number of structures
Family members
Structure type
Moh’d Bani Odeh
Ghalib Bani Odeh
Residence (Metal)
Barn + outdoor stove
Abdul Rahim Basharat
Al Hadidiya
Barn + outdoor stove

Notification 1: Mohammad Bani Odeh
Notification 2: Ghalib Bani Odeh

Notification 3: Abdul Rahim Basharat
It must be known that Al Hadidiya is considered a nomad gathering located in an isolated area.  The Israeli consider the area a ‘military zone’ since its location is close to the Israeli colony of Ro’i. The Israelis have been always trying to make the Palestinians living in the area leave by imposing a series of systematic and organized aggressions.
Moreover, the residents are forced to live in tents since they are not allowed to build in the area which is considered a ‘military zone’ and their existence in the area is deemed illegal. 20 families, deprived from the basic needs of a decent life, live in Al Hadidiya. All of the residents depend on agriculture and herding in living.
What Next??!
Al Hadidiya residents are suffering from the Israeli brutality on daily basis. The Israelis aggressions against them are unstoppable. They confiscate their herd and land, and ruin their crop and farms, however, that is not enough for the Israelis who tend to declare all kinds of wars on these poor and simple people.
The Israelis’ aggressions also included breaking into tents, arresting campaigns, and terrorizing women and children. In addition, colonists shooting or kidnapping shepherds is becoming a habit. Many incidents were reported where colonists capture a shepherd, tie him up, and show him all kinds of torment before releasing him.
Moreover, it must be known that all Al Hadidiya structures are threatened of demolition. During the last year, the Israelis issued demolition orders against all the structures in the village, 22 orders were distributed. Nevertheless, the locals tried to make an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court, which in turn rejected the appeal, claiming that the area is considered a ‘military zone’.
Picture 2: unreachable fields, ‘Military zones

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