The Israeli Occupation Authorities Notifies Several Commercial and Agricultural Structures of Eviction and Demolition in Beit Ummar

The Israeli Occupation Authorities Notifies Several Commercial and Agricultural Structures of Eviction and Demolition in Beit Ummar
Violation: notifying 6 agricultural and commercial structures of eviction or demolition.
Location: Beit Ummar – Northern Hebron.
Date: January 13, 2010 and February 15, 2010.
Violators: the Israeli Occupation Army and the ‘Civil Administration’.
Victims:  Al’alami and Abu Mria clans in Beit Ummar.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities handed 5 different orders to residents of Beit Ummar. The orders call for the demolition, eviction, and halt-construction of 6 different agricultural and commercial structures. All of the targeted structures are located nearby by-pass road (60) which connects Hebron with the Occupied City of Jerusalem.

Picture 1: by-pass road (60)
Demolition Notification:
On February 15, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Authorities handed Mr. Habis Al’alami and order entitled ‘a chance to object to a demolition order’ and has the number 140765. The order targeted a tent used for seedlings and agricultural equipment sales. In the past, Habis used to run his business in a store that used to stand in the same spot before being demolished by the Israelis.
Picture 2: the threatened structure

Notification 1: the notification handed to Mr. Habis
Habis was surprised of the Israeli’s actions towards him and his land which is the only source of income of his family. Especially that they have already demolished a 90 m2 store that he used to run his business from.
‘The Israelis target whatever built on the ground whether it were rooms, commercial buildings, or even tents. The target this time is the tent that I use for running my business. The total area of the land were the tent stands is around 430 m2 and it is the sole source of income for me and my seven members’ family.’ Habis said.
Discontinue violating lands included in the road:
Khalil Al’alami, Sabir abu Maria, and Khader Al’alami received notifications issued by the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration, ‘the Central Monitoring Unit’, on January 13, 2010. The notification was entitled ‘discontinue violating lands included in the road.’
‘Since you are held responsible for the violations on the land part of the road which is a clear violation of the road monitoring laws. We warn you to stop your violations against the land mentioned in the notification immediately.
If you do not comply with the order, we will be forced to clear any violation on your own expense.’
Notification 2: the notification handed to Mr. Khalil
Notification 3: the notification handed to Mr. Sabir
The Israeli Occupation Authorities stated in the notifications that the Palestinians have violated the lands by using them. However, the land belongs to Palestinians and also parts of the road. Table 1: landlords of the threatened structures:
Type of structure
Establishment date
Family members
Khalil Al’alami
Repair shop
Sabir abu Maria
open Display area
Khader Al’alami
Repair shop
It must be mentioned that the Israeli Authorities had previously demolished several structures that belonged to the same citizens and using the same excuse. They demolished a room and expropriated a caravan that belonged to khalil back in 2008. Moreover, they confiscated more than 20 cars alongside some ecuipment and spare parts.
Stop-work Order:
The Israeli Occupation Authorities handed Mr. Wajih abu Mria a ‘stop-work order’ designated against an agricultural shack, a bower, and a green house.
Notification 4: the notification handed to Mr. Wajih
Wajih said that he is the sole supporter of an eight members’ family. In addition, he said that one of his children is suffering from a chronic disease and that he spends thousands of shekels on treatment every month. He also said that the Israelis have demolished his house back in 2004 and now they are coming after the simple structures he has left. The targeted shack area is 13 m2 and was built in 2009 whereas the green house is 100 m2 in area. Both structures are built on leased land.
Picture 6: the threatened bower and room
Picture 7: the threatened green house
54 Palestinians will lose their income sources if these orders were implemented:
The targeted commercial and agricultural structures support 54 people. In case the Israelis implement these ordersmore than 54 people will be deprived from their sole source of income.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities are treating the Occupied Palestinian territories classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Agreement as they were part of the ‘state of Israel’. New laws are presented everyday; construction is prohibited near the by-pass roads because it is against the road monitoring laws. Also, construction is forbidden near the segregation wall. In addition, they ban Palestinians from building in areas classified ‘C’ because it is under Israeli control.
Nevertheless, the Palestinians build on their lands because they believe in their right to have a suitable residence, a shelter that will preserve their dignity which is a right that is supposed to be guaranteed by the international humanitarian laws.
Beit Ummar – an Overview:
Beit Ummar is located to the north of Hebron City and is inhabited by more than 15000 people. It is known for its variety of crops including grapes, prunus, apples, and vegetables.
Map 1: Beit Ummar – Hebron
Beit Ummar Boundaries:
North: Gush Etzyon Colony.
South: Halhul Town and Karmi Tzur Colony.
East: Al ‘Aroub Refugee camp and Biet Fajjar village.
West: Surif Town and Jala village.


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