Israeli Colonists Pump Sewage towards a Palestinian School in ‘Azzun ‘Atma village

Israeli Colonists Pump Sewage towards a Palestinian School in ‘Azzun ‘Atma village
Violation: pumping Sha’are Tikva colony sewage towards ‘Azzun ‘Atma High School.
Location: ‘Azzun ‘Atma – Qalqiliya.

Date: February 18,23 /02/2010  
Violators: Sha’are Tikva colonists.
Victims: residents and especially school students in ‘Azzun ‘Atma.
Winter is considered a curse for ‘Azzun ‘Atma students because it adds to the humiliations and aggressions of the Israeli Occupation Army and colonists.
Residents of ‘Azzun ‘Atma suffer from daily humiliation on gate (48), the only available exit after the construction of the segregation wall around the village, the locals named the gate the ‘fatality gate’ because of the large number of tragic incidents that happened on that gate. Furthermore, Sha’are Tikva is the major obstacle in the way of the village development and expansion.
‘Azzun ‘Atma High School suffer greatly from the nearby colony which take advantage of winter and rain water to pump huge amounts of sewage towards the village, and since the school is the nearest to the colony, it takes most damage. The colonists’ actions turn the school from a respectful educational institute into a source of filth and stink and also diseases.
On February 18, 2010, pupils, while heading towards their school, were shocked to see the colonists of Sha’are Tikva pumping sewage towards the village and their school. The colonists, living in the colony that is partly built on ‘Azzun ‘Atma lands, submerged the school using sewage. An action unacceptable by any human beings that believes in the people’s right to education in a peaceful and healthy environment.
Picture 1: Azzun ‘Atma High School and Sha’are Tikva colony

‘Azmi Sidqi, ‘Azzun village Council president commented on the recent events, he said:’ it is not the first time this happens, such behaviors happen repeatedly during the winter. The sewage pools in the colony are located right above the school. The colonists collect sewage in the pools and release it towards the village whenever the pools are full. By doing so, they find a way to get rid of the sewage. Nevertheless, they cause catastrophic damage to the people, the plants, the animals, and the environment as a whole. We sent speeches to the ICRC and the Palestinian Coordination Office which in turn delivered the message to the Israel side. The Israeli side promised to solve the problem, however, they keep stalling and so far, nothing was done. The maneuver done by the Israelis will lead us to one of these scenarios, either we build a school on another location which will satisfy the Israelis or we accept the humiliation and do nothing which we totally reject’.
It must be pointed that ‘Azzun ‘Atma High School was established in mid 1980’s. The total number of students benefiting from the school nowadays exceeds 240 students either from ‘Azzun or from the neighboring Beit Amin village. 45 students who come every day from Beit Amin have to pass through gate (48) and suffer from daily humiliations. The Israeli soldiers force them to clear their bags for inspection beside the fact that they are almost always late from school.
In addition, they study in a school located near Sha’are Tikve colony which adds to their anxiety because they are always worried about possible aggressions by colonists. Such events have negatively affected the students’ lives, not only academically but also socially because of what they hear on daily basis about new Israeli Army or colonists’ assaults on the Palestinians.
Picture 2: gate (48) (Fatality Gate)
On the other hand, Israeli allegations about making life easier to Palestinians by opening the gate from 04:00 till 00:00 are based on lies. The gate is opened from 06:00 till 22:00 everyday and it is not possible for anyone to pass outside these hours. It must be known that the Israeli are still conducting humiliating procedures and sometimes keep people into custody without apparent reasons in case there were any. ‘Azmi Sidqi said:’ on Thursday, February 18, 2010, I had to take my father to a medical centre in Qalqiliya. On my way back at 22:35, I could see that the Israeli soldiers have sealed gate (48), which is the only way in. I tried to talk to the soldiers and remind them that the agreement made with Coordination office allows us to pass before midnight. However, he refused to even listen. So, my father and I had no choice but to leave to Beit Amin and spend the night with one of our relatives. The Israeli soldiers tend to deliberately keep students, teachers, workers, etc. into custody for hours without showing any reasons which make them late to work. Furthermore, there is the humiliating and frustrating inspections and ‘security measures’ carried out by the soldiers. Every Palestinian has to go to a certain room were he stays for more than 15 minutes to be searched. This delays the locals’.

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