Israeli Occupation Forces Destroy Two Commercial Structures in Qusra village

Israeli Occupation Forces Destroy Two Commercial Structures in Qusra village


Violation: Demolishing a grocery store and a gas station.

Location: Qusra Village, Nablus.

Violators: The Israeli Occupation Army.

Victim: Mu'tasem Odeh.

Date: December 23, 2009.


On December 23, 2009, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished a gas station and a grocery store in Qusra to the south of Nablus.


Picture 1+2: the ruins of the demolished structures.


Mu'tasem Odeh, the owner of the demolished structures situated in 'Al 'Akasha' parcel to the north east of Qusra, was handed stop-work order two years prior to the demolition. However, the structures were destroyed under the usual pretext of 'no permits' since the structures are placed in an area classified as “Area C' according to Oslo Accords. It should be known that the demolished gas station was located near the entrance of Magdolim colony.

Picture 3: Magdolim colony in continuous development while
Palestinian structures are under constant de-development



The landlord stated to an LRC researcher:

'I built the 180-m2 gas station two years ago. It is the sole source of income for my ten members' family including 4 children, my mother, two brothers, and my wife. Almost a year ago, the Israeli Occupation Army issued a stop-work order against the gas station. Soon afterwards, I applied for a permit from the Israeli Occupation Authorities despite the fact that they are time consuming, complicated, and costly. However, the Israeli Occupation Court kept stalling and delaying the procedure for no apparent reason. I was surprised to see the bulldozers approaching and they started the demolition procedures right away without even giving us a chance to take some equipment out of the station. The estimated loss is about 150,000 shekels. I am now unemployed and I have no income whatsoever.' He explained.


Picture 4: Mu'tasem Odeh pointing at the destruction – Qusra


'It is not the first time that such things happen in Qusra. Since 2000, more than 15 actual demolitions or demolition threats have taken place. The structures include the village’s main road and a number of houses located mostly in 'Al 'Akasha' parcel. Whereas colonists roam freely in the area as they have the right to build and to prosper. 4 structures that belonged to our family were demolished since 1996 including a 300-m2 chicken farm that belonged to my father and my brother.. Furthermore, in 2000, my other brother's ('Amer) house and water reservoir were destroyed by the Israelis, The house used to shelter 11 people.

Moreover, my other brothers, Anwar, 'Amid, and Murad received demolition orders and they are to be homeless whenever the Occupation Authorities Carryout the demolition. Other families in the village aren't any better; many of them live in the same fear of being homeless whereas Magdolim colony is expanding on lands stolen from the Palestinians.' He added.


The village of Qusra is located 18 km to the south east of Nablus city, The village’s affairs are administered by a village council. The total area of the village is 9878 dunums including 776 dunums of built up area which is definitely not even close to enough to what is needed for the natural growth rates in the village. This fact pushed many people to expand on areas classified as “Area C' according to the Oslo Accords. The total population of Qusra is 4377.

In 1982, a large scale land confiscation campaign was undertaken by the Israeli Occupation Army against the Palestinian villages of Qusra and Jurish in order to lay foundation for a new colony called Magdolim. The colony expanded rapidly to reach a total area of 170.6 dunums inhabited by 152 colonists!

It must be pointed that Magdolim colony is considered an incessant threat to the people and lands of Qusra's villagers. During the summer of 2008, colonists plowed large areas of lands prior to taking over it which happened many times previously. Also, colonists never hesitate to attack villagers and shepherds as a large number of aggressions were recorded especially during the olive picking season.

On the other hand, the village suffers from the increasing number of demolition and stop-work orders issued against the residents. 15 such orders are waiting to be carried out including the main road in the village.


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