Confiscation of Lands Surrounding the Colony of Kfar Tappuh

Confiscation of Lands Surrounding the Colony of Kfar Tappuh

Israeli occupation bulldozers are currently carrying out a massive plowing operation of Yasuf villages’ lands located north east of the city of Salfeet. The goal of the plowing is to establish a new 3-kilometer colonial road in the vicinity of the colony of Kfar Tappuh. The road is planned to connect the colony with the outposts surrounding it such as Rahalim A and Rahalim B which are located between the villages of Yasuf and Iskaka. The plowing is taking place in the parcels of Za’atara, Jabal Abu Al Suweid and Al Tein Al Shami.

The plowing has negatively affected both the Palestinian farmers and farming lands of Yasuf in the following manner:

  • The isolation of hundreds of dunums of the land of the village located between the outposts as it would be treated as closed military areas to which Palestinian entry would be only allowed using permits. 

  • The by-pass road allows the future expansion of the existing outposts as well as the colony itself on the expense of Palestinian lands of Yasuf.

  • Denying a large number of Palestinian farmers from the right of using and accessing their lands which makes them vulnerable to possible confiscation. 

On the other hand, the farmers of Yasuf complain about the presence of colonist cowboys living in Kfar Tappuh despite the fact that they “own” private ranches inside the colony. The presence of these cowboys started about 5 years ago as these colonists graze in the areas lying beside the colony as well as in the farm lands west of the village of Yasuf. These lands are filled with 70-year old olive trees that the colonists deliberately damage through allowing their sheep to graze them and also through cutting them using sharp objects.

Moreover, Israeli occupation forces prevent Yasuf farmers from reaching their lands in the vicinity of the colony of Tappuh which encourages the colonists to continue their attacks and violations almost on daily basis. For example, in April 28, 2008 the 24-year old Mr. Issam Issa was working in his land in Wadi Al Tin Al Shamali area of the village when a group of 6 colonists opened fire at him. He sustained serious injuries in his hands due to the unprovoked attack.

It is worth pointing out that the colonists, with the aid and protection of the occupation forces, had invented new methods to hassle the farmers in the village of Yasuf including stealing sheep owned by Palestinian farmers. The 74-year old Mr. Ibrahim Yaseen, a shepherd from Yasuf, gave the following testimony to Land research Center (LRC)’s field researcher: ' While I was herding my sheep near my house in Al Basateen area north of the village on the 4th of September, 2008 I saw 9 armed colonists on the opposing hill. They were pointing at me and looking at my herd. Few moments passed before two of them approached me and started to throw stones at me. I was hit in my shoulder and right hand. It still hurts till now. '

He added: ' After stoning me, they started shooting in the air and towards me. I hid behind a nearby rock. The colonists then stole my herd and led it to the colony of Kfar Tappuh and combined it with the sheep of another notorious colonist. '

Mr. Yaseen indicated that herding is the only source of income for him, his family, his sister and his only brother. His 23-sheep flock is raised for their meat and dairy products. He expressed that since the herd was stolen, he’s become without work or a source of income. He also emphasized that he has filed a complaint with the Israeli Police, yet to no avail as no sheep were recovered and no charges were filed against any of the colonists.

On the other hand, the Yasuf village council pointed out that a large number of the villagers filed official complaints against the colonists, yet the policemen were always ridiculing them and not taking them seriously.

General Information about the Colony of Kfar Tappuh:

The colony of Tappuh was established in 1982 atop Yasuf lands. It overlooks Za’atara junction which separates the northern and the southern parts of the West Bank. The population of this colony is known to be religious extremists and followers of Ma’eir Kahana who used to call for the transfer of Palestinians outside of their lands to other countries. He was later killed in the United States in 1991.  The area of the colony is around 233 dunums and contains a camp for the occupation forces as well as colonial housing units.     

General Information about the Village of Yasuf:

The village is located about 16 kilometers south of the city of Nablus and 6 kilometers north of the city of Salfeet. It is surrounded by a number of other Palestinian villages including Iskaka, Jama’ein, Yatma, Al Sawiya, Hiwwara and Marda. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the population of the village is 1621. The population is made up of a number of clans including Aibaya, Abdel Fattah, Yaseen, Mislih, Abdel Razzaq, Azzam, Hussein, Ayyoub and Hamouda. 


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