“The Hebron Fund Organization”
One of the Pioneer US Jewish Lobby Organizations that prop the Existence of the Illegal Israeli Settlement in the OPT

“The Hebron Fund Organization” <br> One of the Pioneer US Jewish Lobby Organizations that prop the Existence of the Illegal Israeli Settlement in the OPT

Over the past 41+ years of this continuing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, the US Jewish Lobby organizations were and still are one of the main supporters of the Illegal Israeli settlements spreads throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Those US based Jewish organizations spared no efforts to provide the financial support to the Illegal Israeli settlement, or to any Israeli settlers’ organizations aims to strengthen the existence of the Jewish people in the 'Holly Land' (Israel).


The Hebron Fund is a US (New York) based Jewish organization founded in 1979, mainly to improve the life of the Illegal Jewish settlers of Hebron by funding the construction of new housing units and expanding the existing Illegal settlements in the city, building public parks, playgrounds, centers, synagogues, libraries as well.


 The organization's main source of fund comes from website donations, or by the financial returns earned by organizing a full day tours for Jewish children and youth to the main historical and religious sites in Hebron, charging as a fee a minimum donation of $ 40 per person and $ 180 per family. 


Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum, the director of Tourism in the Hebron Fund encourages the Israeli and Jewish families to participate in these tours indicating that ' every penny you give will go to support the Hebron Fund and its four major areas of operation which are:

1.     Religious Activities: constructing and restoration of the synagogues.

2.     Urban Renewal: Renovation of ancient Jewish houses.

3.     Humanitarian Aid: Affording financial support to needy Jewish families

4.     Fostering Pilgrimage: Organizing mass events in Hebron as well as small events and trips'.

Moreover, another activity of the Hebron Fund is to set up a donation plate dinners like the one held in New York City in November 17, 2008. See the Invitation below:


The Families of Hebron and the Board of Directors Of the Hebron Fund are delighted to invite you to: 'The Hebron Fund Gala Anniversary Dinner Celebrating: ' 60 Years of Israel Independence40 Years of a Renewed Hebron Jewish Community20 Years since the first Hebron Fund Dinner In Tribute to a New Generation of Jewish Heroism, MONDAY EVENING NOVEMBER 17, 2008, The New York Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway & 45th St. Times Square, NYC Honoring:  Myrna Zisman,   Aishet Chayil Awardee      Myriam & Cheskie Stern,    Chasdei Avot Awardees        Jay & Robbie Knopf,    Lev Avot U'Banim Awardees         Stuart Rattner a'h –   Special Memorial TributeMaster of Ceremonies: Ben Brafman, Esq.        Dinner Chairpersons:  Heddy & Mendy KleinGeetings from Hebron: Noam Arnon       Video Presentation: Hebron, the Next Generation! Please fill out & submit the online registration form below Questions? contact us at  718-677-6886  or hebronfund@aol.com THE HEBRON FUND, 1760 OCEAN AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11230  https://pro29.abac.com/hebron/english/form.php?id=4 "


Two years ago, the Israeli 'Yehudut Ahranot' newspaper revealed in an investigation report that the Illegal Israeli settlements in the OPT would not have thrived and grown had it not been for the big amount of dollars flowing from the American-Jews and the US-Jewish organizations, which had raised and dispatched more than $100 million USD in the past decade to help build and expand of the Illegal Israeli settlements and outposts in the occupied West Bank territory especially in East Jerusalem.


To Conclude

The Hebron Fund, One Israel Fund, American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, Christians Friends of Israeli Communities, along with other dozens of Jewish-US based organizations and associations are involved in a long-term policy aiming to influence the demographic balance in the occupied Palestinian territory in favor of Jews and compromise the Palestinians'' presence in spite of the fact that all of the Israeli settlements’ in the occupied territory are Illegal according to the International law rules  and conventions .



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