Colonists of Shima’ Use Police Dogs to Chase off Adh Dhahiriya Residents and Kill their Sheep

Colonists of Shima’ Use Police Dogs to Chase off Adh Dhahiriya Residents and Kill their Sheep

The attacks carried out by the colonists of Shima’ (a colony built atop lands expropriated from the Palestinian town of Adh Dhahiriya) are on going using a multitude of ways to chase off Palestinian farmers from their lands. On July 15th, 2008 a group of colonists from the colony of Shima’ brutally attacked Mr. Hasan Firas Al Samamreh, a resident from the nearby khirba of Shweika while he was grazing in his land.


Mr. Al Samamreh indicated the following: ' While my son and I were shepherding my sheep in my land, a group of 6 colonists and their dogs approached us. They started to chase off the sheep out of the land while shouting that this land is owned by the colony. They managed to capture two sheep and then let the dogs attack them. One of the sheep died later of its wounds.'

Photo 1: Attack on sheep

Photo 2: One of the attacked sheep

Photo 3: The sheep who died after being attacked by colonists’ dogs.

Mr. Hasan continued: ' The colonist chased off the herd and used stones to throw on the sheep. When my 21-year old son, Mohammad, tried later to collect the sheep back together, the colonists ran after him and physically beat him. They, then, forced him off of his land while threatening to kill him the next time they see him in the land.'

Photo 4: Mohammad Al Samamreh who was attacked by Shima’ colonists


Repeated Attacks to Force Al Samamreh off their Lands:

Colonists attacks against Mr. Hasan Al Samamreh are nothing new as they have used in the past their dogs and weapons to kick him, his family and his sheep out of his land with the goal of annexing the land into Shima’ in mind. The most recent attack was in June 2008 when they beat him with sticks.

Each time Mr. Samareh enters his land the colonists would appear from nowhere and tell him that his land lies with the jurisdiction of the colony. That is despite the fact that Mr. Samamreh has never received any written document indicating the confiscation of the land or a military order preventing him from accessing it. Bear in mind that the targeted land is privately owned by Palestinians and that it is located outside of the boundaries of the colony which was built upon confiscated lands from the town of Adh Dhahiriya and Khirbet Shweika.


It is worth noting here that colonists try to force Al Samamreh off of his land under the watchful eye of Israeli soldiers. In some cases both the colonists and the soldiers would come together and force him out of his lands at gunpoint.


Shima’ Colonists Target 20 Dunums for a Takeover:

The area of the land owned by Mr. Samamreh is about 20 dunums some of which are planted while the others are used for grazing purposes. The targeted land is located north west of the colony of Shima’.


Photo 5: Al Samamreh lands. Shima’ colony appears in the background.

Mr. Al Samamreh owns a herd of 150 sheep and lives in agricultural “houses’, caves and tin shacks in Khirbet Shweika.


Photo 6: The bruxes and  tin shacks in which Mr. Samamreh lives.


Colonists have also targeted other Palestinians in the area. For example, the colonists have stolen sheep belonging to Mr. Salama Ali Al Samamreh a few months back. They also let their dogs free to attack children. They even captured Palestinian men and children and then allowed their dogs to attack them during captivity as what happened on another occasion with Mr. Salama.


Photo 7: Part of Shima’ colony


Khirebet Shweika:

Khirbet Shweika is located 6 kilometers east of the town of Adh Dhahiriya in Hebron Governorate. Its area is about 2,000 dunums and is serviced and administered by the town. Its population is about 150 Palestinians from the clans of Al Samamreh, Al Til and Al Battat. Their main source of income is herding and agriculture. The khirbet is connected to the town of Adh Dhahiriya via an unpaved sandy road.


Shweikas’ Boundaries:

East: By-Pass Road 60

West: the town of Adh Dhahiriya

North: Parts of the town of Adh Dhahiriay

South: The colony of Shima’ and the By-Pass Road 60.




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