Eighteen demolition orders against Jabel Al Mukkaber houses

Eighteen demolition orders against Jabel Al Mukkaber houses

As part of their ongoing systematic policy of Judaizing the city and dismissing its Palestinian citizens, the Israeli occupation authorities issued administrative demolitions against 18 housing units and buildings in Jabel Al Mukaber neighbor hood to the south of the old city.


Map 1: location of Jabel Al Mukaber


On May 15, 2008, the annual anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe)  personnel from the Israeli municipality of occupied Jerusalem accompanied by army and police patrols arrived at the centre of the neighborhood and handed over the demolition orders to the owners of the houses. The orders were issued under the pretext of building without permission from the Israeli occupation authorities.




Photo one & Photo 2: A copy of the administrative demolition warning and attached map)


In an interview with LRC field worker, Mr. Ali Mohammed Sorur, 65 years old, and owner of a small grocery, gave the flowing account': ' I have been living in this quarter since 1958 in a small house. In the year 2000 I decided to expand the house by adding one room, a store and a bower. The latter is an outdoor setting place ( salon) built of wood and provided with sofas. The store is, also, an outdoor addition built of bricks and roofed with zinco with a total surface area of  17M2, while, the room which is built of bricks and roofed with cement serves as a salon equipped with a toilet. The total cost of construction reached almost 80000 NIS'.



Photo 3: the outdoor bower threatened with demolition


Photo 4: the entrance to the room that was added to the house for the
purpose of decreasing the crowding

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