Elon Moreh Settlers Contaminate Drinking Water in Deir Al Hatab Village

Elon Moreh Settlers Contaminate Drinking Water in Deir Al Hatab Village

Elon Moreh settlers continue to commit vicious violations against the neighboring Palestinian villages of Deir Al Hatab, Salim and Azmut  including chasing of shepherds, detention of cattle, prevention of access to agricultural land and confiscation of land for the expansion of the colony. See Map 1

The latest form of violations was manifested in the contamination of drinking water the village receives from a nearby spring which is under the control of Elon Moreh settlers. This spring provides about 40% of the village water needs through a water pipe and the remaining 60% is provided by the Israeli Mekharot water carrier. The spring is an old Roman one cut in stone at the depth of 70 meters.


This summer, the Elon Moreh settlers fixed a plastic swimming pool outside the spring and diverted water to this pool. The waste water emerging from the pool was linked to the water pipe that provides the village of Deir Al Hatab with drinking water.


last August, the village council presented a complaint against this violation to the so-called Israeli civil administration in Beit Eil, West Bank, who, in response promised to get the pool removed and village water pipe re-linked with the spring water. Yet, no measures on the ground has been taken under the pretext that the authorities have to follow legal procedures. Under these circumstances, the village inhabitants are still using the waste water from the pool for domestic purposes.  


(Photo1 : Elon Moreh colony)


Land seizure

In related envelopment, at the beginning of current September, Elon Moreh settlers took over a 70 dunums piece of land from Deir Al Hatab located in the vicinity of the colony. The land was fenced, plowed and planted with different types of trees. The settlers' move came as a direct result of the Israeli continuous ban on land inaccessibility under security pretexts and as a step forward to create more facts on the ground on the part of the Israeli settlers who are keen to take advantage of such opportunities.


Electricity  cutting

On the other hand, settlers in Elon Moreh continue, between now and then, to cut electricity power from the village of Deir Al Hatab by damaging the power lines, which, in effect, has caused real difficulties for the local community. The settlers always go unpunished after each complaint presented by the Palestinian victims.


New colonial road

In 1996, the Israeli occupation authorities opened a colonial road at the width of 20 meters which bypasses and besieges the villages of Deir Al Hatab, Salim and Azmut from south, east and north. By so doing, more than 6000 dunums of agricultural land affiliated to the three villages have been separated behind this road. Ever since the establishment of this road, Palestinian farmers, land owners and shepherds trying to cross the road on way to their land are facing daily harassments and violations at the hands of settlers and soldiers alike which include, among others: dismissal from fields, stealing of yields, specially olives and confiscation of cattle.


Colonial post

Moreover, a group of settlers from Elon Moreh occupied a hilltop owned by villagers from Salim with a total area of 100 dunum. It is  located to the east of Elon Moreh colony and contains 2 caravans (mobile homes), two sheep barracks, a water tank, an electric generator and a military watch tower. As a result of this, about 2000 dunums are now trapped between the mother colony and the colonial post and the Palestinians are denied access to this land for security claims. The land was used in the past for the cultivation of cereals and olive trees.


(Photo 2 : Elon Moreh colony)



Introduction to Deir Al Hatab & salim villages

Both villages are located in Nablus governorate. Deir Al Hatab is located about 4 km to the east of Nablus city. It has the total land area of 10874 dunums of which 190 dunums are built up area. The village population mounts to 2550 ( source: LRC GIS unit).


Salim village is 5 km to the east of Nablus with a total land area of 10793 dunums of which 712 dunums are built up area. Its population mounts to 5750 ( source-ibid).


Elon Moreh colony

Established in 1979 over the lands of Deir Al Hatab, Azmut and Salim. According to the Foundation for Middle East Peace it had the total settler population of 1212 in the year 2005. Its municipal area is now estimated at 2000 dunums of which 419 dunums are designed as a built up zone. 






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