Azzun’s village main entrance blocked

Azzun’s village main entrance blocked

(photo1 : Azzun- Qalqiliya: cement blocks placed by the Israeli army
at the village entrance on August 19th, 2007



On August 19th, 2007, the Israeli occupation forces closed with cement blocks the northern entrance to the village of Azzun, Qalqiliay governorate,  that links it with the main bypass road number 55 under ' security' claims.


The Azzun northern entrance is located on the regional roads number 446 and 574 which are considered a vital linking point between northern and southern villages in Qalqiliya governorate, on one hand, and between Qalqiliya and Tulkarem governorates, on the other hand, See Map 1



In the meanwhile, the bypass road number 55 is a main artery road that connects between the cluster of colonies in Qalqiliya governorate and the Green Line passing by the northern borders of Azzun village.


As an alternative, Palestinian traffic has to take the road through the village of Isla to the west of Azzun and continue to Izbat at Tabib before crossing the bypass road  number 55 heading north towards Jayyus village and then Kafer Jammal in Tulkarem district. This road is longer, more costly and more tiring. 


Because of its closeness to the green line and its location on road number 55, the Azzun village has become a shopping centre for a quite many Arab people from inside the green line and an attraction point for businessmen and merchants. The closure of its northern entrance will paralyze the economic life and increase unemployment in the village.


Successive closures

The latest closure isn't the first if its kind  against this village as it has become customary to the Israeli army to close the entrance after any Palestinian attack against a passing Israeli car in that bypass road. In this context, the entrance was closed several times during the period from 2004 until 2006, not to mention the total continuous closure with earth mounds and rocks during the period from 2000 to 2003. 


(Photo 2 : Azzun- Qalqiliya: bypass road number 55 passing by the blocked entrance to the village)



Introduction to Azzun

The village of Azzun is located about 9 km to the east of Qalqiliya and 23 km to the west of Nablus city and is part of Qalqiliya governorate. It occupies a strategic location in the north west of the west Bank linking the following villages and towns together:

  • North: Seer, jayyus, Kafr Jammal, Kafr Abush, Kafr Zaybad, kafr Sur;

  • South: Kafr Thuluth, Siniriya, Masha, Bidiya and az Zawiya;

  • West: Nabi Elias and Isla;

  • East: Kafr Laqif, Jinsafut, Hajja, Baqet Al Hatab, Imatin, Farta'a, Jit and Kafr Qaddum.


Of course, after the closure of the northern entrance to the village , all of the aforementioned towns and villages have been badly affected by this repressive act on the part of the Israeli army.


Azzun's total population now is 9349, 40% of them work in agriculture and animal husbandry, 19% work as civil servants and the rest in trade or private businesses. Before the closure of the entrance, unemployment in Azzun was  19% which was one of the lowest in the West Bank.


Azzun's total land area before the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 was 24000 dunums expanding from Ra'nana area inside the green line to Kafr Laqif and Deir Istiya villages in the heart high land of the West Bank. After the war it lost 14861 dunums (about 61% of the total land area) to Israel. Out of its current area of 9139 dunum there are only 1209 dunum desgined as built up zone. The Azzun village is the mother village for Isla, Nabi Elias, Izbat at Tabib and Khirbet Barthuna.

(Photo 3 : Azzun- Qalqiliya: another section of bypass road number 55 near the village )



Israeli colonies over Azzun Land


There are three colonies built over Azzun land which are:

Colony name

Date of establishment

# of colonists


Municipal area


Built up area

Ma'ale Shomron





Karne Shomron





Ginot ( Shavei Shomron)











Azzun and the Segregation Wall

The Wall to the northwest of Azzun around the colony of Zufin seized 4070 dunums in 2003. Since 2004 when construction of the Wall to the south-east of the village began, Azzun has, also,  lost 230 dunums of land in this area. Additional seizure orders were distributed last summer for a further 800 dunums of agricultural land for the purpose of Wall construction.


The Wall route in Qalqiliya district has completed the bordering of the biggest finger-like corridor in the West Bank which aims at ensuring the annexation of all Israeli colonies in the area. This finger- like corridor of Ariel settlement block includes15 colonies: Ariel, Yakir, Revava, Keryat Netafim, Neve Oranim, Karne Shomron, Ginnot Shomron, Ma'ale Shomron, Immanuel, Nufim,  Barqan, Alei Zahav (Yo'ezer), Pedu'el, Beit Arie and Ofarim. See Map 2

This corridor led to the annexation of thousands of dunums of Palestinian lands and dozens of underground water wells which, in effect, will cause disastrous impact on the very existence and welfare of Palestinian people in the area.  Works in this corridor started at the beginning of 2003.


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