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Israeli Violations

أربعون عاماً على احتلال القدس

            توطئة:   لم تشهد مدينة في التاريخ صراعات دامية وهدم متكرر كما شهدت مدينة القدس، ورغم ذلك تواصل الطابع العربي للمدينة فارضاً نفسه عبر كافة حقب التاريخ

Settlers Attacks

Israeli arson war continued against Palestinian agricultural land in Far’un village

(Photo 1: Fires eating the land of Far'un-Tulkarem)   Israeli settlers continue their arson attacks against the Wall- separated agricultural land of Far'un village, Tulkarem governorate. The latest arson took


Israel Turns the Status of ‘Anata- Shu’fat Checkpoint to Crossing Terminal

In August 2006, the Israeli Ministry of Defense issued a military order to confiscate 9 dunums from the Jerusalemite town of Shu'fat north of Jerusalem. The confiscated land belongs to


Further restrictions imposed on residents of the Jordan Valley

In continuation with its plans to consolidate the segregation of the Jordan Valley from the rest of the West Bank, the Israeli chief commander of the Jordan valley issued an


Increasing economic hardships and harassments against Al Jalama village

Location, Population and area Al Jalama is  a border village located eight kilometers to the north of the city of Jenin on the main Jenin – Nazareth road. It has

Settlers Attacks

Israeli settlers set fire to agricultural lands in Ramin village

Settlers  from Enav colony set fire to 300 dunums of agricultural lands which belongs to Ramin village in Tulkarem governorate. The burned land is located in As Sadara, Khalayel Salah

Settlers Attacks

Israeli Settlers set fire into 200 dunums of Qaffin Village Lands

General Glance Qaffin villages cluster, include two major Palestinian communities, Qaffin and Akkaba villages, located at the far north end of Tulkarem Governorate in the northwest of the West Bank.

Quarterly Report

The Israeli Colonization activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during the Second Quarter of 2007

This report highlights the chronology of events concerning the Israeli Colonizing Activities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip that occurred during the months of April & June 2007.

Israeli Violations

Uprooting of Trees in the Vicinity of Rachel’s Tomb

On June 6, 2007, the Israeli Army established a security perimeter around the Islamic cemetery adjacent to the Rachel Tomb area, and declared it a closed military area. The Islamic


الكارثة البيئية في قرية أم النصر

             المقدمة   تعتبر الكارثة البيئية والإنسانية التي ألمت بقرية أم النصر من اخطر الكوارث البيئية التي سببها ولا يزال يسببها الاحتلال الإسرائيلي في قطاع غزة


Land confiscated for military road in Kafr Qaddum village

At the beginning of last May, the Israeli occupation army distributed  a military decree stating the confiscation of 1520 square meters (9 dunums and 520 M2) of the southern agricultural

Israeli Violations

في الذكرى الاربعين للاحتلال الاسرائيلي للضفة الغربية و قطاع غزة
فلسطين حقائق و أرقام

           في الذكرى الأربعين لاحتلال الأراضي العربية الفلسطينية من قبل اسرائيل , تستمر الانتهاكات الفاضحة بحق الشعب الفلسطيني و ارضه تحت اعين العالم و بشكل يتنافى مع قرارات الامم


International Community Flagship Project
Linking Gaza Strip and the West Bank

The Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) is composed of two entities; the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Linking these has always been perceived as an inevitable necessity in building a


A profile of Israeli Violations against Palestinian People and properties in Hebron Governorate during from January – May 2007

The Governorate of Hebron is located in the southern part of the West Bank. It is the largest Governorate in the West Bank in terms of size and population. Hebron

Military Orders

Jalbun and Faqqu’a lands taken for the Wall

The Israeli occupation army issued new amendments on the military order number T/26/03 under the term  extension and amendments of borders concerning the lands of Jalbun and Faqua'a villages,  Jenin


Wall amendment: another step for land grabbing

The Israeli occupation army continues with its policy of amending the previously issued military orders concerning the land that was taken for the construction of the path of the Annexation