A new Wall section at the expanse of the lands of Kafr ad Dik and Beir Ballut

A new Wall section at the expanse of the lands of Kafr ad Dik and Beir Ballut

The Israeli occupation army issued military order number T/82/06 stating the confiscation of 538 dunums of land of which 350 dunums belong to Kafr ad Dik village and the rest to Deir Ballut which are both located in Salfit governorate. The target land located in basin number 2.



 Photo 1 & Photo 2: a copy of the order and attached map)

The reason for this confiscation is to build a revised section of the Segregation Wall to the west and north of the two colonies of Pedu'el and Alei Zahav which are situated to the west of Kafr ad Dik village.


Location and population

The two villages are located to the west of the city of Salfit. Kafr ad Dik's population ranks to 4500, its total land area is estimated to be 17807 dunums, including 1150 dunums as built up area. Deir Ballut has the population of 3500, while its total land area is estimated at 13940 dunums of which  809 dunums are built up area.


Pedu'el and Alei Zahav

Pedu'el was established in the year 1984. In 2004, it had the total population of 1219. Now, it has the built up area of 171 dunums and municipal area of 595 dunums ( source- Foundation for Middle East Peace- Washington).


Alei Zahav began to exist in the year 1982. Its built up area is now 255 dunums and its municipal area is 2003 dunums, while its population reached 429 in the year 2004 ( source-ibid). Both colonies were built on lands confiscated from surrounding Palestinian villages.


Impacts on both villages

If the Israeli army proceed with its plans, the following impacts will be inflicted:

1.     Destroying more than 538 dunums of fertile olive orchards and uprooting about 3000  olive trees under the path of the fence.

2.      Separating about 14000 dunums  of agricultural land behind the revised  route, mostly belonging to Kafr ad Dik village. By so doing, the majority of the people in the two agriculturally dominant villages will totally loose or have limited access to their livelihood resources. This measure will increase poverty in the two villages to unprecedented levels as most people have already lost their jobs inside Israel at the beginning of the current Intifada.

3.     Two of Kafr ad Dik northern houses will be separated behind the Wall path which will create more obstacles in the face if their occupants.

Photo 3: map of the old and revised Wall routes


Legal action

The village councils of Kafr ad Dik and Deir Ballut presented a quick objection to the Israeli legal advisor at Beit Eil in the names of affected farmers and land owners against the proposed Wall plan.  No response has yet been given from the Israeli side.



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