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Israeli Plans

Three Palestinian villages are besieged by Israeli planning schemes

Hebron Governorate The Israeli planning and organization department affiliated to the  so-called 'civil administration in Judea and Samaria' announced three detailed planning schemes for three Palestinian villages located to the

Israeli Violations

ذكرى أخرى لمأساة مستمرة
يوم التضامن العالمي مع الشعب الفلسطيني

في العام 1977، أعلنت الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة يوم 29 تشرين الثاني يوما' للتضامن العالمي مع الشعب الفلسطيني بقرار رقم 32/40/ب و ذلك للتذكير بقرار الجمعية رقم 181 للعام 1947


Difficult olive harvest season in Mas-ha Village

During the latest olive harvesting season, and as part of the on going war against the Palestinian people and their livelihood sources, the Israeli occupation forces took a number of 

Israeli Violations

خاصة كانت أم عامة, فهي أراضي فلسطينية محتلة
جميع مساحة أراضي المستوطنات الإسرائيلية “غير قانونية”

إن أكثر ما هو جدير بالملاحظة في تقرير حركة السلام الان و الذي صدر بتاريخ 21/11/2006 في صحيفة القدس و على موقعهم الالكتروني هو قيام مجموعة اسرائيلية بالكشف عن معلومات


A survey of humanitarian conditions in Jerusalem

           The Israeli occupation authorities carry on with their policies of aggression, expansion, deprivation  and humiliation of Palestinian people in the occupied territories as a whole, including Jerusalem.

Israeli Plans

The Evacuation Charade of Israeli Outposts

General Glance The outposts' phenomena started in 1996 following the signing of the Oslo Peace Accord between the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel in 1995, which also called for


Israeli Military Bases Consolidate Confiscation of Palestinian Land

Introduction Israeli military bases had a significant role in the methodical Israeli premeditated strategy to create a reality that contravenes the international law.   Following the 1967 war, the Israeli


“The Demographic War over Jerusalem”
Israel Systematic House Demolitions in Jerusalem

Background When Israeli captured East Jerusalem along with other Arab-Palestinian territories during the 1967 war, it became an obsession of the successive Israeli governments to win the demographic battle over


The Confinement of Hebron Old City

As a continuation of the Judaization process of the old city of Hebron, the Israeli occupation army recently issued  a set of  military orders stating shop closure and restricting Palestinian

Military Orders

Israel Confiscate more of ‘Anata’s village lands

The Israeli Army issued a new military order in Anata town (northeast of Jerusalem- population 9622) to confiscate more of its lands to the Segregation Wall. The order holds number


The Olive Harvest Season, a harvest season OR a torture season ?

Introduction: Over the past-ongoing 39 years of Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza, millions of trees were either uprooted, razed, mowed or segregated from the Palestinian lands

Separation Plans

Trapped between walls
Rafat, another victim of the Israeli Segregation Wall

Location and Population The Palestinian village of Rafat lies 16 kilometers north of Jerusalem city and 5.5 kilometers south of Ramallah city, it has an altitude of 780 meters above


Beit Iba permanent checkpoint fortified

The Israeli occupation army began early this month to add new military fortifications and closure measures at Beit Iba checkpoint to the north west of Nablus city, including barbed wires,

Military Orders

Demolition threats against Palestinian Houses located close to Wall path in Far’oun Village

Threats of demolition against Palestinian houses in Far'un village, Tulkarem governorate, haven't stopped ever since the commencement of the Segregation wall works in the area in the year 2002. The


Wadi Al-Nar Checkpoint, the narrative of a Life Killer

Right at the time when Israel began to isolate Jerusalem in 1993 and to restrict the movement of Palestinians to the city by establishing checkpoints at the entrances to Jerusalem,


Wadi Fukin Village West of Bethlehem, “Trampling Onto a Dark Future”

Overview Wadi Fukin village, 4346 Dunums of land is one of the nine Palestinian villages located in the western part of Bethlehem Governorate. It lies 8 km away from Bethlehem