Resumption of Wall construction in the biggest finger-like corridor in the West Bank

Resumption of Wall construction in the biggest finger-like corridor in the West Bank

(Photo 1: the yellow section of the Wall currently under construction)


The Israeli army bulldozers resumed works in the construction of the Annexation and Expansion Wall in the lands of the village of Kafr Laqif, Hajja, Deir Istiya and Azzun in Qalqiliya and Salfit governorates. This action came after the Israeli Supreme Court had rejected the appeal presented by the owners of the target land in these four villages.


Last January, the commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank, Ya'ir Neve, issued military order number T/15/06 stating the confiscation of 279 dunums from the above four villages for the purpose of constructing a new stage of the Annexation and Expansion Wall. 


According to the order, more than 279 dunums of lands are targeted for confiscation as followed: Hajja, Qalqiliya (basin # 11 and 9); kafr Laqif, Qalqiliya (basin # 4 and 1); Deir Istiya, Salfit (basin # 18) and Azzun, Qalqiliya (basin # 2). The planned route in this section is about 2.800 meters long by 100 meters wide. It includes 'special security arrangement' as stated by the Israeli army's revised Wall map of April, 30th, 2006. The 279 dunums refer only the area that will be devastated under the path of the Wall. Apart from this, hundreds of dunums will be separated behind the Wall when it has been completed.   



(Photos 1 & 2: copies of the military order and the attached map)


Location, population and area

The following table provides information on the four Palestinian villages by Location, population and area:



Village name



Area in dunum






Built up








Kafr Laqif












Deir Istia





Source- the GIS unit at LRC.


Closure of Kaf Laqif main entrance

Sources at kafr Laqif village council confirmed to LRC field worker that  if the Israeli army goes on with its plans to build the Wall it will lead to total closure of the village's only entrance to the main Nablus-Qalqiliya road as the village is located at the northern side of this road ( see the attached map). In addition, hundreds of dunums will be separated behind the Wall apart from those to be destroyed under its path.


(Map 1)


The sources added that the affected Palestinian village councils and municipalities have presented another appeal to the Israeli high court against the recent actions, stressing that the local people will spare no effort to defend their land.


The biggest finger �like corridor

The Wall route is planned to pass through the lands of these four Palestinian villages so as to complete the bordering of the biggest finger-like corridor in the West Bank which aims at ensuring the annexation of all Israeli colonies in the area. This finger- like corridor of Ariel settlement block includes15 colonies: Ariel, Yakir, Revava, Keryat Netafim, Neve Oranim, Karne Shomron, Ginnot Shomron, Ma'ale Shomron, Immanuel, Nufim,  Barqan, Alei Zahav (Yo'ezer), Pedu'el, Beit Arie and Ofarim.


This corridor will result in the annexation of thousands of dunums of Palestinian lands and dozens of underground water wells which, in effect, will cause disastrous impact on the very existence and welfare of Palestinian people in the area.  Works in this corridor started at the beginning of 2003.



(Map 2: the biggest finger-like corridor in the Wet Bank )


The following are some of the impacts caused or to be caused as a result of this colonial project:

1.     Bulldozing thousands of dunums of olive orchards considered to be the only source of living for Palestinian families, particularly, after loosing jobs inside Israel;

2.     The difficulty of accessing into agricultural lands which have been already separated behind the Wall;

3.     Giving Israeli settlers in the area a wide scale space of land for expansion and development at the expense of Palestinian land and future development.

4.     The above mentioned Wall section between the villages of Azzun and Kafr Laqif will cut main road number 55 linking between the cities of Qalqiliya and Nablus. The Palestinian movement on this road will be under the mercy of the Israeli army who plan to establish a permanent checkpoint comprised of an iron gate and watch towers. 8 dunums of land were confiscated from kafr Laqif village for the establishment this checkpoint and a military base (military decree number T/62/06 dated on July 26, 2006). Once established, no Palestinian will be able to pass through without having valid passing permits from the Israeli military. 



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