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Israeli brought wild pigs destroy tens of dunums in Deir Ballut plain

Israeli occupation authorities have released a large number of wild pigs in Deir Ballut which led to the spoilage of agricultural crops especially the newly-planted. This fact has caused a

Military Orders

“Security barrier” confiscates and separates more of Palestinian land around Tene settlement

The Israeli occupation forces started the construction of a separation barrier around the settlement of Tene (Ma'ale Omarim) to the south of the city of Hebron. A military decree carrying

Military Orders

Wall episode in Khirbet Jubara: Continuous land destruction

Finally, the Israeli occupation authorities decided to take Khirbet Jubara out of the Annexation and Expansion Wall, but only after destroying an additional 587.700 dunums of land belonging to the


Intensifying Israeli violations against the land and people of Bruqin village

The village of Bruqin is located 13 kilometers to the west of the city of Salfit. It is considered to be one of the villages that depend mainly on agriculture

Settlers Attacks

Kafr Sur’s separated land has become a target of colonial expansion

The Israeli settlers from the settlement of Sal�it (located on the Green Line west of the village of Kafr Sur in Tulkarem governorate) took advantage of the presence of the

Israeli Violations

Continuous attacks, land confiscations and closures against Palestinian villages in Qalgiliya Governorate

Qalgiliya Governorate  The settlers from the Israeli settlement of Kedumim, located on the main road connecting between the cities of Nablus and Qalqilia, have continued their harassment and attacks against

Quarterly Report

The Israeli Colonization activities in the Palestinian Territories during the 2ed quarter of 2006
(April – June) / 2006

This report highlights the chronology of events concerning the Israeli Colonizing Activities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip that occurred during the months of April to June 2006. It

Settlement Expansion

New tenders to construct 54 housing units in Elkana colony

The Israeli occupation authorities announced last June tenders to construct 54 housing units for Jewish families in the southern part of Elkana colony at the expense of the western parts

Israeli Violations

Israel intensifies mobility restrictions of Stone and Marble from the West Bank

The stone industry in Palestine is considered one of the most significant and active natural resource based sectors of the Palestinian economy. Historically, the stone and marble industry has tended

Settlement Expansion

The establishment of a police station between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim
“A step towards finding a settlement extension in favor of the E1 Plan !!! “

Ma`ale Adumim settlement was established in 1975 by 23 Israeli families on a hilltop. It became a local council in 1979 and in 1991, the government of Israel officially declared

Israeli Plans

The Israeli Media has started the promotion for Olmert’s Unilateral Plan

'The Israeli ‘defense' Forces permitted 3,000 Palestinian traders, residents of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, who are over the age of 35 to enter Israel for the purpose


Shavei Shomron’s buffer zone legalized by Israel’s supreme court

Israeli bulldozers continue to devastate agricultural lands in the village of Sabastiya – Nablus governorate for the purpose of building a new alleged 'security' fence around the settlement of Shavei