Israel started with digging the Tunnel on the entrance of Al Khader Village, West of Bethlehem !!!

Israel started with digging the Tunnel on the entrance of Al Khader Village, West of Bethlehem !!!

After issuing the military order (# 210/05/T) in 21, November 2005, which states the confiscation of 85 dunums of lands from Al Khader, Battir and Beit Jala cities to construct the crossing point (terminal) and the tunnel at the entrance of Al Khader village.  The residents of Bethlehem western rural village councils (Nahalin, Hussan, Battir, Wadi Fukin and Jab'a) along with Al Khader and Beit Jala Municipalities objected the military order and filed petitions to the Israeli Supreme court to stop the construction of the terminal.


, on March 12, 2006, the Israeli Supreme court, and as a result of the filed petition, has  issued a restraining order to halt the construction of the crossing point (terminal) at the entrance of Al Khader Village, west of Bethlehem. (For more clarification, see map 1).


After nearly two months, the Israeli court responded to an appeal submitted by the Israeli Army to construct the tunnel under the
pretext of 'security needs' and gave the green line to start digging to build the tunnel under the Israeli controlled bypass road # 60 near Al Khader Village. See Pictures below








The only fact which the citizens of these villages realize is that the terminal will separate them from Bethlehem Governorate, and a controlled tunnel will be the only way for them to commune with the rest of the Governorate.




Palestinian residents of the five villages (Nahalin, Hussan, Battir, Wadi Fukin and Jab'a), after they cross the tunnel, must stop for security check inside the terminal, a procedure which will cost the residents more annoyance and wasting of time.




It is worth mentioning that the movement between the five villages and Bethlehem Governorate will based on identification card, in other words, going to the five villages from Bethlehem, will be after verifying the location of residency by the ID card and anyone who wants to access one of these villages must be from the residents of these villages otherwise s/he will not enter.




The spokesman of the Israeli Civil Administration clarified that the tunnel comes within the framework of the Israeli government policy aiming to facilitate the lives of the Palestinian civilians!!!




On the other hand, the Palestinian residents of these villages see in the Israeli plan more narrowing and more suffering and tightening the blockade which imposed on them from many years ago.




The nightmare of the Israeli checkpoints and terminals pursues the Palestinian residents not only on their way between their cities and villages, but also it reaches to the entrances of their cities and villages and some times to their home doors and windows.




Annex 1




Israel Defense Forces

 Order to Seize lands n0  210/05/T


According to my authorities as a Military Chief Commander in the Region of Judea and Samaria, and as I believe that it is imperative for military reasons due to the  special security situation in the region, I order the following:


1- In This Order:


The 'Map' – signed in scale 1: 10000 and attached to the order is an essential part of this order.


The 'Lands' – An area of land which is 85 dunums, marked in red in the map: 


Al Khader

  • Block 2: Al Butma Site, Sahel Ad Deir.


  • Block 12: Khallet Abu Hart site
  • Block 13: Al Homor Site

Beit Jala

  • Block 2: Khallet Ash Shook site

2- I announce by that the above mentioned lands are seized for imperative military purposes, to construct Al Khader Passage.


3- The IDF seize the lands and an absolute control of the land is given to the Military Chief Commander of the Central Region through the Ministry of Defense Chief Officer in the Civil Administration Office.  


4- Copies of this military order and the attached map are handed out to Land owners or to the District Co-ordination Office in Bethlehem.


5A- This military order is to be notified to Land Owners or those who act on behalf of them by posting it at the District Coordination Office in Bethlehem and dispersing it on the lands by any possible mean.


5B- Copies of the military order and the attached map are available for interested parties at the following places:

  • DCO of Bethlehem.
  • Offices of the juridical advisor in Judea and Samaria.
  • Office of Chief Commander in the ministry of defense at the Civil Administration.
  • Chief Office of the Absentee and Public Properties in the Civil Administration.    

5C- Copy of the military order and the attached map is set at Bethlehem District Coordination Office Board for 10 days from the issuance date of the military order, as mentioned in Part (5A).


6- Land owners or those who act on behalf of ownership have the right to object the military order in 7 days from the date of the field visit as mentioned in Part (5A) above through the District Coordination Office in Bethlehem or at the Office of the juridical advisor in the region.


7- Land Owners have the right to go to the District Coordination Office in Bethlehem to get usage expenses and compensation.


8- This order is valid from the date it was signed and until 31/12/2007.

9- This order is called: 'Order to seize lands n0 210/05/T (Judea & Samaria) 5765-2005.


Ya'er Naveh
Chief Commander of the Israel Defense Forces in Judea & Samaria


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The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem



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