Israeli settlers occupy a residential building in the Old City of Hebron

Israeli settlers occupy a residential building in the Old City of Hebron



Israeli settlers in Hebron's old city occupied a 3 – storey residential building close to Abraham Avino colony in the old vegetable market area in the heart of the old city. After throwing all the furniture out of the un-inhabited building, the settlers settled with their families in the building which is owned by the Hebronite family of A Nazer.

According to Palestinian eyewitnesses who live near the building, the Israeli settlers broke into the building at Friday midnight, April 7th, 2006 bringing in their children and belongings. The Israeli occupation forces stationed in front of the house provided full protection for the intruders and prevented Palestinians from approaching the scene, claiming that the intruders obtained documents proving their ownership for the building. See Photo 1 & Photo 2


Photo 1 & Photo 2: an Israeli settler family outside the western door of the newly occupied house

Photo courtesy of Al Ayyam newspaper


The occupied building is located in basin number 34027, Bab Al Khan area opposite the Shari'a (Islamic law court) on the road linking between the old vegetable market and the Ibrahimi mosque. No Palestinian traffic is allowed on this road; however, Palestinian pedestrians wanting to reach the court building are required to pass through two Israeli checkpoints on the way, while Israeli settlers enjoy free access to all roads in the area. The same road connects between the four Israeli colonies in the city and Ibrahimi mosque, on one hand, and, between the four colonies and Kiriayt Arab'a, on the other hand. See Map 1

(Photo 3: an aerial photo showing the location of
the building in Bab Al Khan


Following the occupation of this historical building, the Israeli settlers started to intensify guarding measures and bring in more families.

Palestinian owners

The following is a list of the owners of the target building, some of whom are tenants:


Owner's name

Tenant's name

Basin No

Parcel No.



Abdul Rahman Shukri An Nazer






Omer Salim An Nazer






Izzat Salim Omer An Nazer and his brother Othman




Shop owners


Hussein Mohammed An Nazer






Hasan Mohammed An Nazer






Deeb Isa An Nazer






Muneer Isa An Nazer






Najiyya Ibrahim An Nazer






Mohammed Abdul Mun'im Al Qasrawi




Shop tenant


Legal action

The Palestinian owners and tenants submitted a suit case to the Israeli legal advisor at Beit Eil demanding an immediate evacuation of the settlers from the building.  The case was presented by the legal office affiliated to Hebron Rehabilitation Committee in the name of all owners and tenants. The Palestinian complainers vowed to take all the necessary legal measures to restore their occupied property presenting all the needed ownership documents, including Turkish taboo, which refutes the settlers' claims of ownership.

(Photo 4: the almost deserted street of Bab Al khan linking between the
Ibrahimi mosque and old vegetable market on which the target building is located)


Feverish Colonial Activity

The taking over of Palestinian homes in Hebron's Old City is no longer connected to a military operation or military activity by the Palestinian resistance movement as Israeli colonists and successive governments strived since the beginning of the 70s of the last century to take over as many buildings as possible and turn them into Jewish places.

As part of this Judaization process, the Ibrahimi Mosque was occupied and divided, and four colonies were established in the old city:  Abraham Avino near the old vegetable market; Beit Hadasa (Al Dabouya) on Al Shuhada street; Beit Romano (Osama Ibn Al Munqeth School) and Ramat Yashai (Tel Rumeida). The total number of settlers in these four colonies mounts to 600 protected by more than 1500 soldiers.

(Photo 5: Aerial photo of the Israeli colonial presence in Hebron's old city)


A point of friction

The newly occupied building is located next to Palestinian inhabited homes and very close to the Ibrahimia basic school and to the offices of the Muslim Shari'ia court which will add more troubles to the already tense situation in that particular area of Hebron city. If the settlers will continue to stay in the building the Palestinian residents of the area, Ibrahimia school children and court staff and referrals will be directly affected by this as their movement will be further restricted by the Israeli army.

(Photo 6: the building of the Ibrahimi school which is located
opposite the newly taken building


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