A new crossing is completed between Izzariya and Jerusalem

A new crossing is completed between Izzariya and Jerusalem



Since the issuance of the military order number T/20/05 on February 12th, 2005, which stated the confiscation of 25.4 dunums of land for the establishment of Abu Isbitan crossing terminal in Izzariya (Bethany) town, the Israeli occupation authorities have been working day and night to finish this project. See Photo 1 & Photo 2


Photo 1& 2: copies of the military order and attached map)


Photo 3: Location of Abu Sbeitan Terminal


 For the time being the crossing terminal has been partially completed and opened for the crossing of Palestinians holders of Jerusalem IDs (blue IDs). Car parking lots attached to the terminal are still under construction at this time. The terminal is located in basin number 6 ( Wadi al Ham, Sahel Abu Wa'ar and Abu Ramula) and basin number 4 (Al Hadba). About 40 Palestinian families will be affected by this order. See Map 1

Map 1: The current route of the Wall around Jerusalem)

Map prepared by LRC


The Hebrew name for this terminal is 'Mi'bar Hazitim' meaning 'Olive Crossing'.  It has been built on the meeting point between Izzariya ( Bethany)  and At Tur (Mount of Olives) about 2.5 km to the east of the old city of Jerusalem.  It is going to serve as a substitute to the current Al Za'aim checkpoint on the road descending from the French Hill to Jericho. According the Israeli Yaroshalyem weekly, Mi'bar Hazitim is only one of 16 terminals around the city of Jerusalem whose some of which have been built and others are currently under construction. The 16 terminals, the Israeli weekly clarified, were designed to allow the crossing of about 65 000 people into Jerusalem city everyday. Control over these terminals will be gradually handed over to Jerusalem Police Brigade. Two of them â�� Rachel tomb or terminal 300 in Bethlehem and Hazitim on Mount Olives – have been already transferred to the Jerusalem Police brigade. While, the Israeli border police forces will take the responsibility of securing the 'Jerusalem envelope' and preventing any 'infiltration' attempts, the Israeli weekly added. The crossing terminals are divided into three types: (1) for cars and goods (2) for pedestrians (3) for busses. Security checks will be carried out by using highly sophisticated electronic and magnetic gates, X ray machines for, cameras. In the future, the terminals will be provided with electronic 'combing' machines that are able to identify wanted people trying to pass through by reading the palm of the hand. No Palestinian can pass through any of these terminals for whatever reason unless he/she obtains a special passing permit from the Israeli military.

(Photo 4: Watch tower overlooking the newly established terminal
crossing in Izzariya),
Photo courtesy of LRC

(Photo 5: Sections of Ras Isbitan crossing terminal after completion))

Photo courtesy of LRC


(Photo 6: Walls works continued in Izzariya))

Photo courtesy of LRC


These crossing points will impose new realities on the ground and further complicate the Palestinian movement in and out of the holy city in an attempt to jeopardize its status in final negations with Palestinians.

The Abu Isbitan terminal has been built as part of the Annexation and Expansion Wall in the area separating behind more than 40 000 Palestinians who are residents of the three towns of Izzariya, Abu Diis and As Sawhara Ash Sharqiya which all located in the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem.  See Photo 7

(Photo 7: Walls works between Izzariya and Ma'aleh Adumim colony)

Photo courtesy of LRC


An Appeal for Help From Izzariay-Bethany Local Counci

This is a Palestinian Humanitarian Cry to You, Leaders and Scholars of the 'Free World' to demand Israeli bulldozers halt its destruction to Izzariay-Bethany's historical and archeological sites, and provide hope for a people to live with dignity and pride on their land.

Israel's schemes of destruction to this historic and sacred town, the ancient home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha and Simon the Leper, and now the home to 23,000 human beings held captive to Israeli hate, aggression, humiliation and complete deprivation from all basic needs and necessities, these schemes must be 'Stopped Now.'

The sanctity of the Olive tree, the ancient stones that speak about the glorious past and the  property where churches and holy shrines belonging to the Passionist Fathers, Comboni Sisters, The Anglican Church, The Sister of Mercy and the Sisters of Charity, all  are being desecrated. Moslems historical sites such as the cemetery of the Martyrs during the reign of Salah Eddin Al Ayyoubi, is at the brink to be destroyed. All Cry to You to ACT NOW.

Land stretching from Jerusalem, the Holy City, to the Mount of Olives, to the Church where Jesus rode his ass to Jerusalem, all are in the process of eradication. An unpleasant and blatant disregard to these sites does place Izzariay under the direct threat of loosing its Historical Heritage.

The' free and independent world' needs to demand Israel to 'Cease and Desist' from continuing the erection of the Segregation Wall that destroys the Olive Tree, the symbol of Peace, destroys the one family unit and vilifies the historical geographic cohesion to a land sacred by God and by the Prophets that treaded on its soil.

Israeli Occupation did restart its oppressive measures by continuing the erection to the nine meter high concrete wall, sealing off Izzariay-Bethany from the three sides, and unduly imprisoning 23,000 human beings, contrary to any written constitutional law in the world.

The lives of these 23,000 human beings and their fate are being placed before you, hoping your most distinguished position as decision makers in this world, would invigorate and strengthen your demand that Israeli disregard to the international law must be stopped. 

From this town that Jesus loved and frequently visited and was His rest-haven after every journey through the Holy Land , we do call upon you to Act Now and Give Izzariay-Bethany the chance to Live.



Prepared by
The Land Research Center

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