Hebron’s lands seized by road “security” fence !

Hebron’s lands seized by road “security” fence !

The Israeli occupation forces issued last December three military orders for the purpose of creating a 'security' buffer zone along bypass roads south of Hebron district. The Military orders number T/185/05, T/186/05 (1&2) and T/187/05, stipulated the confiscation of lands starting from Arab Al Fureijatarea south of Ad Dhahiriya town until the colony of Karmel south east of Yata. The target lands are located on road number 317 exclusively used by Israeli settlers in mount Hebron at the length of 32 km. The total of 232 dunums belonging to the towns of Adhahiriay, As Samu' and Yata will be confiscated for this purpose according to the three military orders.


The planned buffer zone will separate a number of Palestinian villages and Khirbets with a total population of 5000 from other cities and towns in the district. These villages and Khirbets are expected to be besieged between the newly planned road fence and the under construction Wall route. See map  



Map 1: The southern section of road number 317 from Arab –
Al Fureijat until the settlement of Karmel

Map prepared by LRCMap prepared by



Once established, the Palestinian citizens of Adhahiriay, As Samu' and Yata towns will be prevented from crossing road number 317 for the purpose of tending their agricultural lands or visiting their relatives besieged between the road fence and the Annexation and Expansion Wall. The area of the lands expected to be besieged between the planned road fence and the Wall is estimated at thousands of dunums of fertile agricultural lands mainly cultivated with cereals and olive trees. This area, also, includes grazing zones for Palestinian livestock which will be badly affected by the Israeli measure as many Palestinian families are totally dependent on animal husbandry and agriculture as main income. The following is a list of Israeli settlements located on road number 317


Table 1: Israeli settlements in the area

Settlement name

Date of establishment

Population in 2004










Mezadot Yehuda ( Beit Yattir)  









 Source: Foundation for Middle East Peace

Prepared by
The Land Research Center


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