Closing second Wall gate in two months

Closing second Wall gate in two months

On June 23, 2004, and without previous notice, the Israeli Occupation forces closed Wall Gate number 34 located to the west Kafr Thulth village in Qalqiliya governorate. The targeted gate is the only outlet to the village39;s agricultural lands separated to the west of the Segregation Wall. Dozens of Palestinian farmers used to pass through this gate every day on their way to their lands.

The custom imposed on this gate by the Israeli army was based on opening the gate three times a day: one hour in the morning, one our in the afternoon and one hour in the evening. Now, farmers were told not to use this gate any more except during the Olive picking season. By doing so, it has become a seasonal gate only opened at certain times of the year. See map 1: location of Kafr Thulth, Isla and the two gates.

Following protests by Palestinian farmers and land owners, the Israeli army allowed them to use Isla gate (Gate number 33) which is about 4 km to the north of Kaft Thulth.

The Israeli action was preceded by a similar one that took place in April 2005 the result of which was the closure of gate number 25 situated to the west of Jayyus. People, then, were directed to gate number 24 located to the west of Falamiya village about 2 km to the north of Jayyus. Both Jayyus and Falamiya are located in Qalqiliya district. For related information, click here

The latest Israeli measure will have severe impacts on the Palestinian farmers and landowners of Kafr Thulth:

1. They will be forced to travel about 4 km [each way] to reach the alternative Wall gate to the west of Isla village. This trip will be time consuming, tiring and costly.

2. There are no agricultural roads behind the Wall from Isla Wall gate until Kafr Thulth lands. Hence, people have to struggle out to reach their lands only on foot or using animals since no machinery can travel there.

3. By complicating access, the Israeli Occupation forces aim at weakening the relationships between Palestinian farmers and their lands as a preclude for final confiscation and annexation to Israel. This proves the real objective behind the construction of the Segregation Wall is not security as Israel pretends; rather, it aims at confiscating as much Palestinian lands as possible before annexing them into Israel.


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