The enlargement of Revava settlement over lands seized from Deir Istiya village !!!

The enlargement of Revava settlement over lands seized from Deir Istiya village !!!

Since the beginning of this year, the Israeli occupation authorities have started to enlarge the colony of Revava by expropriating and annexing about 50 dunums of Palestinian owned land to the west and south west of the settlement which is located to the west of the Palestinian village of Deir Istiya village in Salfit governorate.


(Map 1: location of  Revava ) )


The settlement  of Revava was initially established in 1991. It gradually expanded over confiscated Palestinian land until it reached the area of 1200 dunum at the end of 2004. In 2003, it had a population of 703 settlers. It is located 12 km to the east of the Green Line.


At least 12 new caravans (mobile homes) were erected at the site of the new expansion to the south of the settlement  and more settlers' families were brought in.


( Photo 1:  New caravan site south of Revava))


This step has been taken amidst many other violations, including the following:

  • Preventing the Deir Istiya farmers and shepherds from approaching their lands near the settlement  for security pretexts;

  • Pouring sewage water over adjacent Palestinian agricultural lands destroying some of these areas;

  • Continuing physical attack against any Palestinian caught in the vicinity of the settlement.


It is worth mentioning that quite many complaints have been raised against such dreadful practices and violations but yet to no avail.


( Photo 2: Another expansion site to the west of the settlement ) 


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