Ecocide in Tequ’a Town

Ecocide in Tequ’a Town

The adopted Israeli policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is maybe categorized as a ''need to bases'' or a ''selective policy'' to justify its vile practices against the Palestinian population, which practically violates every article, item & clause of the International Humanitarian Law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.


Directly after occupying the Palestinian Territories in 1967 under security claims to empower its existence and settlements program in those territories, Israel tremendously failed to comply many laws that guarantee the rights of population living under occupation and secure them.


On the southeastern fields of Bethlehem district, lays Tequ town (population: 8000) approximately 9 kilometers from the district's center on total area of 90 Km2 of land. Following the 1967 war, Israel was bargaining for more than its lame excuse ''security reasons'' to seize Palestinian lands. Tequ, stands as an illustration of the typical Israeli ''Land Theft'' practice as 61.6% (55.5 Km2) of the area where redirected to Israeli exploitation. Moreover, the Israel Army still denies the Palestinian residents of Tequ their rights to utilize whatever land properties left for building, cultivation or grazing and continues to support cults of Israeli settlers to seize more lands from Palestinians to expand existing Israeli settlements.


Recently (late August), the Israeli armed settlers intensified their attacks against Tequ residents as they burned considerable areas of cropped lands and forbid Palestinian farmers to reach their lands using dogs. After that, the Israeli Army randomly dispensed flyer on the farmers' lands informing of the Army's intention to clear all trees (mostly olive) existing along the Israeli bypass roads which the Israeli settlers use to commune from Efrat and Tequ settlements to Jerusalem. The notice stated that 75 meters depth land would be cleared from all trees (more than 5000) cultivated on each side of the bypass road; an area estimated at 1467 Dunums of land. See location map


Agricultural related activities constitute a considerable part of residents income in Tequ, a sector already threatened to fade away as a result of the Israeli Army & settlers actions in that area and many more alike coming.


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