Settlement Expansion in Gaza

Settlement Expansion in Gaza

The Sunday, May 3, 2004 Likud party referendum on Gaza withdrawal plan did nothing but fuel the Israeli settler’s appetite to consume more Palestinian lands to build more houses and expand their territorial domination. Just after the “No”, vote for PM Ariel Sharon withdrawal plan, the Israeli settlers in Gaza set a concrete base for a new neighborhood in Gush Katif; Gaza’s largest Israeli settlement bloc. See Photo 1

The Israeli settlers in Gaza considered the dismissal of the withdrawal plan a verification of their legitimacy to live in the Gaza Strip; captured by the Israeli Army along with the West bank in the 1967 war. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon who was “shocked” by the vote is intending to take his withdrawal plan to the national level where it enjoys more corroboration; however, a national referendum on the withdrawal plan from Gaza settlements will require months of preparation time. The 7500+ Israeli settlers living among the 1.4 million Palestinians, vowed not to abandon Gaza settlements in any event, in-fact, the Israeli settlers leaders urged the people to come and live in Gaza settlement and grow in-terms of population to become settlements blocs in order to be more weighed by the Israeli politicians. The building of the new neighborhood ' Moshav Katif' in the Israeli settlement Neve Dekhalim, the largest settlement in Gush Katif, commenced shortly after the “No” vote referendum and will include 21 housing units.  See Photo 2

 Photo courtesy of Reuters

Israeli to push forward with its unilateral plans to withdraw from Israeli settlements located in Gaza Strip seriously provokes Settlers who believe that their existence on this part of the world is not by Chance. According to PEACENOW, and Israeli peace movement, Jewish settlers declared soon after Mr. Ariel Sharon announced his disengagement plan, the building of three new communities/settlements in Gaza Strip, one settlement is planned between Netzer Hazani and Ganei Tal; a second one is to be built in the southern end of the Gaza Strip, between Atzmona and Rafah settlements and another one to be built in the north, between Elei Sinai and Dugit colonies. New settlers  are expected to move as 48 new families are to be housed in this new neighborhood as declared by Gosh Katif settlers; thus, increasing the number of Jewish settlers living there.


The new neighborhood exemplify yet another Israeli violation of the international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention Accord of 1949 which strictly forbids the occupying forces from moving any segment of its population to the occupied territories.

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