War against trees and sheep

War against trees and sheep




The village of Deir Ballut is located 17 km to the west of the city of Salfit and 45 km to the south west of Nablus. See map of location location

The village of Deir Ballut in red quadrangle


The village population is estimated at 4000 inhabitants mostly working in agriculture. According to the village council, there area about 100 000 dunums of land cultivated with un-irrigated ground crops such as onions and garlic, Olive tree is also dominant in Deir Ballut.

Type and date of violation

LRC filed worker confirmed the uprooting of 75 olive trees and prevention of shepherds from grazing their cattle in the vicinity of the village. The trees were uprooted on February 3rd, 2004 in an area called Al Jabel Al Azraq (blue mountain) which is located 2 km to the north of the village. Shepherds were informed to leave grazing areas on February 26th, 2004 in the area of Abu Ar Rayat which is located 3 km to the west of the village.

Reasons behind violations

The two violations took place after the Israeli army had announced the areas to the north and west of the village as closed military zones. 

Details of violations

On the third of February, 2004, Israeli army bulldozers entered a 5 dunum piece of land owned by Mr. Adel Mustafa Hamdi and uprooted 75 olive trees at the age of three years and destroyed the fence and gate Mr. Hamdi had built around his land.  

On the 26th of February, 2004, an Israeli army force stormed the area of Abu Ar Rayat where six shepherds were staying with their sheep and goats and handed them orders to leave the area within 48 hours under the pretext that the area was a closed military zone. Although the military threatened to confiscate their cattle, the shepherds who live in tents refused to obey and confirmed to LRC field worker that they have the right to stay and graze their cattle in this area.

The shepherds are:

1.      Mr. Yaser Ahmad Hussein ( 130 head);

2.     Abdul Wahab Mahmud Abdallah  ( 150 head);

3.     Abdallah Ali Musa ( 100 head);

4.      Naji Husni Musa ( 50 head);

5.     Azmi Hussein Saleh ( 70 head);

6.     Abdallah Saleh Hamdi (80 head).

Other violations

1.     The confiscation of 40000 dunums of the village land after the war of 1948;

2.     On February 26th, 2004, the Israeli military ordered farmer Suleiman Ahmad Suleiman to remove a shed he had built of metal sheets (zinco) inside his agricultural land to protect him from sun and cold;

3.     On February 28th, 2004, colonists from Pedu'el colony prevented Palestinian farmers from approaching their olive groves in the vicinity of the colony and confiscated their agricultural equipment.

4.     Concerning the construction of the Separation Wall, the head of the village council Mr. Kamal Yusif Musa told LRC field worker that five months ago Israeli surveyors put signs in many areas around the village, including the western, southern and eastern sides. He estimated that 60 % of the village land will be confiscated or separated if this plan is put in force.

He added that the signs were put at the distance ranging between 150 � 50 meters from Palestinian houses. Most importantly, he went on to say, there are 6 houses that will be totally separated from the rest of the village by the expected route of the Wall.


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