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Oppressive Israeli measures cripple Palestinian Camps in Gaza Strip

  Camp and Location Khan Yunis camp is located west of Khan Yunis town, at the southern part of the Gaza Strip and about two kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea


Digging deep into the Palestinian Territories

   Photo 1: Wadi Shubash-Metulla- Jenin: Israeli large hammers and bulldozers leveling the land and uprooting trees for Wall construction purposes, Photo courtesy of LRC.:   Wadi Shubash-Metulla- Jenin: Israeli


Israeli Law in Occupied Jerusalem, “Building is Prohibited: Demolition is Allowed “

  Introduction '' Building is Prohibited but Demolition is Allowed '' is not just a slogan held dearly by the Jerusalem Municipality, it is also a daily-executed program. The occupation of Jerusalem


A battle of will … ! Beit Surik, Qattanah & Beddo Villages: An Agricultural Triangle Under Israeli Attack

The three Palestinian villages: Beit Surik, Qattanah and Beddo are located some 12 to 16 Km northwest of Jerusalem. The villages form an agricultural triangle with an overall area that


Mas-ha: A village robbed by the Segregation Wall

Photo 1: Mas-ha- Salfit: Danger of Death: Electric barbed wires around the village as part of the Wall path, Photo courtesy of LRC. Location and population Mas-ha, a Palestinian village


The Segregation Wall Plan in Hebron Governorate

    Introduction Israel intensified its colonial activities following the 1967 war to control over more Palestinian lands under security tricks and justifications. In 1981, Began government started to declare


Construction of Separation Wall is under way
Devastation of agricultural lands in the villages of Bardallah and Ein Al Baida-Tubas district

  Location and population The village of Bardallah and Ein Al Baida are located in the northeastern corner of the West Bank. They are affiliated to the district of Tubas.


Impact of Segregation Wall on people and land of Deit Al Ghusun town, Tulkarem district

  Location and population Deir Al Ghusun, a Palestinian town located 8 km to the north of Tulkarem city. It houses a population of 10000 inhabitants and is comprised of

Israeli Violations

War against trees and sheep

    Location:- The village of Deir Ballut is located 17 km to the west of the city of Salfit and 45 km to the south west of Nablus. See


Land Grab continues in Bethlehem District

    Khallet Beit Sakariya, is a Palestinian village located southwest of Bethlehem city. It is inhabited by Palestinians for hundreds of years but today it only houses a population

Israeli Violations

Walls: Today’s Fashion in Israel

In cooperation with PCHRGAZA   Land confiscation has been Israel's most destructive policy against the Palestinian agriculture sector. Thousands of fertile lands are lost daily for the construction or expansion


Installation of Wall blocks at Bethlehem Northern entrance

    ''Cutting the umbilical cord between Bethlehem and Jerusalem'' On the 2nd of March 2004, (since 3 days) the Israeli authorities started to install eight meters high concrete partitions

Separation Plans

Wall removal or play of route

Residents of East Baqa (Esh sharqiya) are trapped between the two Segregation Walls that are part of phase I and built at the eastern and western sides of Baqa vilage

Quarterly Report

Expenditure of Israel settlement Activities for the First Quarter of 2004

The Israeli colonizing activities in the West Bank and Gaza has always been an impediment to achieving legitimate peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The Israeli settlements illegal status