Israel announces the confiscation of 7000 dunums of Palestinian owned land in Jerusalem

Israel announces the confiscation of 7000 dunums of Palestinian owned land in Jerusalem



On June 27th, 2003, and at the time the Palestinians were announcing their agreement on truce and ceasefire, the Israeli occupation authorities proclaimed the confiscation of about 7000 dunums of Palestinian owned land in the 7 Palestinian villages of Qatanah, Beit Surik, Beit Inan, Bido, Khirbet Um Allahm, Beit Iksa and Al-Qibeiba north west of the city of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian land owners knew of this confiscation by accident when one of them went to the so-called Israeli civil administration in Beit Eil to collect his magnetic card. In an interview with LRC field worker, the founder said that he saw the Israeli announcement regarding this land hanging on a wall notice board. It included the names of at least four Palestinian villages and pointed out that a copy of the announcement showing the borders of the confiscated land could be seen at the DCO office in Ramallah.

Later, the Israeli land officer at the so-called Israeli civil administration visited the target land and put signs around one of the supposedly confiscated plots in the village of Beit Iksa. Two days later – June 29th, 2003 – The Israeli occupation authorities put signs around the land carrying the following words ''Israel state land- no entry''. Roads and passages were opened in other locations such as Beit Iksa.

Lawyers of Palestinian local councils and authorities concerned pointed out to the illegibility of the confiscation order, which carried no signature or stamp. Moreover, Palestinian landowners were not given any written or verbal notices before the confiscation order took place.

In response, landowners and supporters held a number of meetings and rallies in which they expressed strong refusal to this illegal action considering it as a flagrant violation of local and international laws. They, also, stressed determination to defend their land by all possible means.

The Israeli confiscation aims at damaging the future of the 7 the Palestinian villages by depriving them of any geographical expansion and halting any economic or cultural growth. In addition, it aims at isolating these villages from Jerusalem and, at the same time, closing the settlement ring around the city from the north.

The Land Research Center/ Arab Studies Society, call upon all local, regional and international bodies to assume responsibilities and exert enough pressure on Israel to force it respect its duties as an occupying power.


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