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Israel escalates house demolition campaign in occupied East Jerusalem

As the Anglo- American invasion of Iraq continues, Israel takes advantage by escalating its acts of killings, assassinations, arrests, house demolitions and land confiscation in various parts of the occupied


An Assessment of the Israeli Practices on the Palestinian Agricultural sector

    Restrictive measures imposed by the Israeli occupation authority against the Palestinian economy and especially during the period 29/9/2000 – 31/1/2003 created numerous obstacles, which have further complicated and aggravated


House demolition campaign in Al-Walaja village

    Al Walaja, a Palestinian village with about 1,500 inhabitants, is located 6 kilometres to the northwest of Bethlehem and 10 kilometres southeast of Jerusalem. Part the village lands


Devastations of Bethlehem district
“An act of Israeli Vandalism “

    Another explicit and ugly act of human rights violation was the attempt to demolish Al Ordiani home over its inhabitants. It was a Saturday night, with Israeli bullets


The Israeli onslaught against the village of Deir Istiya – Salfit district

  Location and population Deir Istiya village is located 8 km to the northwest of Salfit city and 15 km from the Artimistice Line (Green Line). The village has the

Settlement Expansion

New Expansion at Abu Ghneim Mountain … Har Homa Israeli Settlement

  Abu Ghneim Mountain is located less than two kilometers north of the city of Bethlehem, the Mountain has been historically and privately owned by Palestinian families from Bethlehem, Beit