Beit Furik- Nablus … People and land under continuous attack by Israeli colonists

Beit Furik- Nablus … People and land under continuous attack by Israeli colonists


Name of victim: Beit Furik village/ Nablus governorate.
Location: 9 km to the south east of the city of Nablus.
Type of violation: erection of caravans ( ready made homes) in the colonialist block carrying the name of Itamar-B-
Owners of seized land: heirs of Mr. Mustafa Mohammed Al- sheikh.
Exact location of seized land: Al- Judu'.
Date of violation: 20.4.2001.

A glimpse on Itamar settlement: 

The Israeli occupation authorities started to build the settlement in 1980 on land confiscated from the Palestinian village of Awarta. Gradually, the settlement began to expand on land of  neighboring  villages of Beit Furik and Yanun by adding four colonialist cores:

1.     Jidu'nim, which was built on Sheikh Mohemmed location;

2.     Three cores carrying the names of A, B and C which were scattered on three different locations with the aim of seizing as much Palestinian land as possible. 

Violations and aggressions caused by settlement inhabitants before Sharun's reign :

1.     The setting-up of the aforementioned colonist cores at the expense of Palestinian land.

2.     The killing of farmer Mohammed Suleiman Zalmut on Oct. 26th, 1998 whilst he was picking olives in his field in Khalet Al- ward location. 

3.     The prevention of Beit Furik farmers in recent years from yielding their crops, especially olives, and the confiscation of at least two tons of olives last season. 

4.     The physical attacks against 20 Palestinian farmers from Beit Furik causing bruises and fractures which needed hospital treatment. 

5.     The killing of farmer Fretekh Musa Nasasrah on Oct. 17th, 2000 whilst he was picking olives.

Violations and aggressions caused by settlement inhabitants during Sharun's reign:

1.     The erection of caravans on land belonging to the heirs of Mr. Mustafa Mohammed Al- Sheikh on 20.4.2001.

2.     The cutting of more than 1000 olive, fig and almond trees owned by the following persons:

  • Heirs of Mr. Mahmud Saleh;

  • Mr. Abed Yusif Imlitat;

  • Mr. Saleh Yusif Imlitat;

  • Mr. Farid Muhi Eddin and brothers;

  • Mr. Ayed Imlitat;

  • Mr. Suleiman Suleiman;

  • Shehadeh Suleiman;

  • Heirs of Mr. Mohammed Suleiman Zalmut.

1.     The establishment of a military post on five dunums of land owned by the deceased Mohammed Zalmut who was killed at the hands of Israeli settlers on 26.10.1998 as previously mentioned.

2.     The burning of about 1000 dunums of Beit Furik land planted with olives, almond and fig. The number of trees burned is estimated at 3000 with an average damage of 50-100%. All the trees are located in the areas of Khalet Al- Ward, Al-Judu', Al- Qa'da, Al- Shuhada and Karm Musa Al- Hassan. The Palestinian villagers detected Israeli settlers throwing igniting bombs in their land but they were prevented by Israeli army from approaching the scene and defending their properties.




Prepared by
The Land Research Center

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