New Colonial Activity in Deir Ballut Village – Salfit District

New Colonial Activity in Deir Ballut Village – Salfit District




The village of Deir Ballut is located to 15 kilometers to the  west of the city of Salfit. It is also located 33 kilometers southwest of the  city of Nablus. Its population is approximately 4 thousand residents most of which  work in agriculture and trade. A village council is administering the affairs  of the village after the Palestinian Authority took control of the civil affairs  of the village according to accords struck with Israel.(see  map

Israeli past and new colonial activity in the village:

Given the fact that the village is located on the Green Line,  it has been a target for a number of Israeli attempts to confiscate and expropriate  as much lands as possible. More than 4,000 dunums located west of the village  has been declared as State Lands ever since 1967. Furthermore, a settlement called  Ellie Zahav has been established on expropriated lands owned by villagers.

The new colonial activity is centered on a 12000-dunum piece of land on a location called Al Miziak or Arraq Al Tootah. The land in this location  was confiscated in 1985 and construction right now in underway to establish a new settlement called Habad Elliet. The new settlement has been considered to be part  of the existing Ellie Zahav which a false claim due to the fact that it is located  about one kilometer away from the settlement and tracts of Palestinian lands separates  the settlement from the new location. The declaration that the new Habad Elliet is  part of Ellie Zahav is seen as a prelude to confiscate the rest of the Palestinian  lands located between the two locations. 


This new colonial activity, started in August 1999, calls for  the establishment of 700 villas over a period of five years. The first stage of  the activity calls for the construction of 200 villas 24 of which has been completed. The Palestinian owners of the 1200-dunum land include the following: 


Name of Owner


Idrees Jabarah Abdellah


Musa Abdellah Musa


Suleiman Abdellah


Abdel Al Ghafer Abdellah


Ameen Oadeh


Khaleel Oadeh Abdel Jawad


Younis Abdellah


Ismaeel Oudeh


Abdel Hameed Abedllah


Abdel Raheem Abdellah


Ibrahim Mohammad Hasan


Jaser Ahmad Mahmoud


Abdel Rahman Abdullah.


Abdelellah Oadeh Abdel Jawad



The new colonial activity carries with it a number of dangerous  consequences. They include:

1.     The Barak government gave the green light to begin the construction in the  new location.

2.     The ruining of more than 1200 dunums of Palestinian agricultural lands.

3.     The clear and present danger of confiscating thousands of dunums located between  the settlements of Ellie Zahav, Bedo Eil and the new location of Habad Elliet

4.     This new settlement is being established for the purpose of settling ultra orthodox  Jews who believe in the policy of ethnic cleansing and the mirage of Eretz Yisrael.

5.     The new settlement is being built close to the main road connecting the village  with the rest of the West Bank. Any future expansion of the settlement will lead to  the quite strangulation of the village.


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The Land Research Center