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Military Orders

Twenty Three Houses Threatened With Demolition in Hebron District

    The Hebron District is located in the southernmost portion  of the West Bank, 36 km south of Jerusalem City. The 1997 population census data  estimated the total population

Bypass Roads

Schemes for a Bypass Road Threaten Dura Al Qar’s Agricultural and Archaeological Valley

    Dura Al Qar' is a village lying 4 kilometers northeast of the  twin cities Ramallah-El Bireh. Its population is around 1600 people, most of  whom are farmers. Dura

New Israeli Settlements

New Colonial Activity in Kafr Qadoom Village – Qalqilyia District

    Location: The village of Kafr Qadoom is located 20 kilometers to the  northern east of the city of Qalqilia. It is also located 12 kilometers to the  west

New Israeli Settlements

New Colonial Activity in Deir Ballut Village – Salfit District

    Location: The village of Deir Ballut is located to 15 kilometers to the  west of the city of Salfit. It is also located 33 kilometers southwest of the 


Israel Destroys Lifta Artifacts to Build a Resort for wealthy Jewish Immigrants

Lifta is one of the largest villages adjacent to Jerusalem  and closest to the city from the west and northwest. The Israeli occupation of  1948 divided the city into two