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House Demolishing in Beit Hanina – Jerusalem

  Israeli occupation forces have demolished a Palestinian house on the 25th of October 1999. The house was located in Houd Al Tabel parcel 4 in Beit Hanina. The total


The Demolishing of Four Houses in Bab Hatta

        crowded Arab neighborhood in the Old City.     In 1986 the Sewer Department of Jerusalem Municipality carried out a series of diggings in the neighborhood.

New Israeli Settlements

Initial Construction in the Palestinian Ras El Amoud neighbourhood

  Ras El-Amoud neighborhood is located in East Jerusalem's basin number 7 and parcel number 119 according to Jordanian classification and basin number 29989 and parcel number 96 according to

Settlement Expansion

The expansion of Emanuel settlement in Nablus

  The settlement of Emanuel was established in 1981 on lands carved out of the villages of Deir Istiya and Jinsafut in the Nablus district. The settlement is located southeast

Settlement Expansion

Expansion of Karni Shamron settlement in Tulkarm

    A piece of land owned by Mr. Abdullah Bashir is being the target of colonizing activity after the colonizer Moshe Zer obtained a court order to take hold