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Israeli Violations

Colonists to Judaize Al-Rabyeh hamlet in Hebron village of Al-Samou’

  The Israeli occupation used various fraud methods to forge history and deface the Arab Palestinian identity. It first started with marking most of the archeological and religious sites as


Israeli Occupation Forces demolish fences in Nablus governorate

  Violation:  demolishing fences surrounding agricultural lands Location: Jalud village- Nablus Date:  April 14, 2016 Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces Victims:  farmer Nasir Hajj Mohammad   Details: A massive force from


Life Disparity between the Palestinian Community Tuqu and the illegal Israeli Settlement Tekoa

  This study has been prepared to compare and contrast living conditions, socio-economic structure, infrastructure, and geo-politics in the West Bank inhabited Palestinian town of Tuqu and the nearby Israeli settlement