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Position Paper

FACTSHEET: The World Day of the Olive Tree

  Since 2019, 26 November was officially recognized as World Olive Day by UNESCO in its 40th session. The Palestinian Olive Tree is Known for its Significance and Popularity. The indigenous

Demolition Position Paper

On the occasion of World Habitat Day Demolition of Palestinian houses is a Forced displacement policy

  People of the world are celebrating the right to an adequate housing – as a fundamental human right that in itself provides several other rights, that are also lost

Position Paper

Bennett’s 7 minutes Worry vs. 73 years OCCUPATION

  We the Palestinians say to Bennett: Every Palestinian child, adolescent, young and old, girls and boys, women and men; we had to endure your army’s terror and savagery head-on

Position Paper

From conflict Resolution to Conflict Management

  On 13 September 2021, the Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid proposed, at a conference at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism Policy of Reichman University, what he believes a “new vision”

Position Paper

ARIJ sees Prevalent Confidence measures and Economic Solution are ways to wind-up “Two State Solution”

  The talk about building confidence measures and economic solution as the guidelines for the shape of the upcoming era of the Palestinian – Israeli issue stands to change nothing