Israeli Violations

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Israeli Violations

محاولات المستعمرين للعودة الى حومش لم تتوقف

              (صورة رقم 1 : مستعمرون عائدون الى حومش ينظرون على قرية برقة المجاورة في اسفل التل)     نبذة عن مستعمرة حومش:   أقيمت في عام


The Devastation of Bethlehem- Gallery 4

Al Khader Village             Prepared by: The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem


Increasing Attacks in Jerusalem in October 2011

  October, 2011, has witnessed radical escalations and a brutal assault against Palestinians and their properties all around the West Bank especially the Occupied City of Jerusalem.It is believed that


The Israeli Occupation Army torches tens of fields in Bil’in – Ramallah governorate

  Violation: setting tens of dunums alight. Location: south Bil'in. Date: June 22, 2011. Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army. Victims: farmers of Bil'in. Details: Bil'in is considered one of the

Settlers Attacks

Aggressions on Palestinians, their Properties and their Lands in Einabus village

  Violation: Yizhar Colonists abuse Palestinians’ properties. Date: December 6, 2009. Victims: Nader 'Allan and 'Aqel Barakat. Violators: Yizhar colony colonists.   Details: At 2:00 AM of December 6, 2009,


The Israeli occupation sends stop-work orders for three structures in Hebron

      Violation: Orders to stop construction in 3 structures Date: 02/09/2013 Location: Ma’la- Adh Dhahiriya town- Hebron governorate Perpetrators: The Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation Victims: Two


Destroying the livelihoods of Al-Khader Villagers

  Al-Khader village is a small Palestinian village lying at the  outskirts of Bethlehem. It is famous for its archaeological sites (most notably  the church of Saint George) and its


House Demolishing in Beit Hanina – Jerusalem

  Israeli occupation forces have demolished a Palestinian house on the 25th of October 1999. The house was located in Houd Al Tabel parcel 4 in Beit Hanina. The total


The Demolishing of Four Houses in Bab Hatta

        crowded Arab neighborhood in the Old City.     In 1986 the Sewer Department of Jerusalem Municipality carried out a series of diggings in the neighborhood.


The Continuous Israeli Harassment to Kh. Beit Skariya Village

    Kh. Beit Skariya, a Palestinian village of about 100 inhabitants,  is located southwest of Bethlehem city. The village is surrounded by the Etzion  Block or Gush Etzion in


Ongoing Violation of the Wye Agreement

        El Walajeh, a Palestinian village located 10 kilometers southeast of Jerusalem is surrounded by the Jewish colonies of Gilo and Har Gilo (Figure 1).    Figure


Israeli Army Demolishes Two Palestinian Houses at the end of 1998 !

    On 28 December 1998, Israeli soldiers entered the Palestinian village of Kufer Haris, forcefully removed the residents of two houses, and demolished their houses with bulldozers (Figure 1).


Land Confiscation in the Community of Surif – Expansion of the Green Line

  Surif is a small village in the north-western section of the Hebron District. It is located very close to the West Bank border with Israel, known as the 'Green


Accelerated House Demolition Campaign in Hebron District

  Since 1967, most of the Palestinian communities have been subjected to a continuous wave of aggression by the Israeli occupying authority. On 19 August 1998, the Israeli authorities demolished


Israel Apathy to International Environmental Laws
Save the Palestinian Environment from Israel’s “Toxic Jaws”

    Introduction The Palestinian environment and its natural resources have been under human pressure since the Israeli occupation of 1967. The division of the West Bank into areas A,


The Fragmentation of Salfit

  Salfit is a province located 15 miles southeast of Nablus, in the West Bank (Figure 1). It encompasses 28,000 hectares and has a population of 50,000. Seventeen Israeli colonies


Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Jewish Industries in the West Bank

    Introduction: Industrial pollution is considered one of the major issues in environmental protection. Industries contribute to the pollution of the environment, especially in the absence of regulations that


Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine
Yatta as a Case Study !!!

    Yatta is one of the largest rural cities in Palestine, with a population of approximately 30,000. It is located in the Hebron Hills, 10 km south of Hebron


The Expropriation of Jalud’s Lands
Towards the Buntustanization of the West Bank

  Jalud is a small Palestinian agricultural village spreading over an area of 4,000 acres. It is located 16 miles from the Palestinian city of Nablus (Figure 1). Since 1967,


Behind the Policy of House Demolition: Why Here and Now?

  The demolition of Palestinian houses by Israel has reached an unprecedented level. Between 1992 and 1995 approximately 539 Palestinian houses were demolished in the West Bank. According to the


The Village of Beit Marsam
A Case of House Demolition and Alteration of the Green Line

    Beit Marsam is a small village located in the southern part of the Hebron district, less than half a kilometer east of the West Bank border with Israel,

Eviction of Palestinians

Eviction of the Inhabitants of Froush Beit Dajan

    Froush Beit Dajan is a rural area located east of Nablus in the agricultural Fari'a region (Figure 1). The inhabitants of Froush Beit Dajan are mostly semi-Bedouins who


Wadi Al-Teen Quarry and the Systematic Expropriation of Palestinian Natural Resources

    Wadi Al-Teen is a large valley located 5 kilometers southeast of Tulkarm city and 4.5 kilometers to the east of the Green Line which separates the West Bank

Israeli Violations

Infograph- Palestinian Population Distribution VS Land Allocation under OSLO II Interim Agreement of September 1995

  The OSLO II Interim Agreement of1995 has divided the lands of the West Bank into three classifications: areas A, B, and C. The Israeli military withdrew from lands classified as area A,