The Geopolitical Status of Shu’fat Town

<strong>The Geopolitical Status of Shu’fat Town</strong>



Shu’fat is a Palestinian town in Jerusalem Governorate located to its north City. It is bordered by Hizma and ‘Anata communities and the settlement of Pisgat Amir to the east, Beit Hanina and the settlement of Pisgat Zeev to the north, the settlements of Reches Shu’fat and Ramat Shlomo to the west, and the settlements of Giv’at Shapira nd Ramat Eshkol to the south (ARIJ, 2022) (see map 1). The town of Shu’fat is home to 23,890 Palestinians (JIPC, 2022), most of whom are Jerusalem ID holders.

Geopolitical status of Shu’fat town 

Most of the land of Shu’fat town, which covers an area of 8,494 dunums, is located under the control of Jerusalem Israeli Municipality, which was declared illegally and unilaterally in 1967 after the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and other Arab lands, except for a small area of land, around 59 dunums of land that is located outside the Jerusalem Municipal Boundary. Jerusalem Governorate was divided into two main regions. The first is the J1 area, which is located inside the borders and under the control of the Jerusalem Municipality. The J1 area includes many Palestinian Jerusalemite communities such as those in the Old Town and Jerusalem City (Beit Al-Maqdis), in addition to Shu’fat town which is located in the north of the J1 area. The other classified region is J2, which is located outside the borders and the control of Jerusalem Municipality. This area is under the Palestinian Authority’s control within Jerusalem Governorate and includes the eastern and western parts.

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