Expansions on an Illegal outpost – Dhohor Al-‘Abed / Jenin governorate

Expansions on an Illegal outpost – Dhohor Al-‘Abed / Jenin governorate


  • Violation: New Park and a garden are established within an illegal outpost.
  • Location: Dhohor Al-‘Abed village south Jenin.
  • Date: March 24th 2022.
  • Perpetrators: An illegal outpost in Khirbet Maso’ud.
  • Victims: People of Dhohor ‘Abed.


 As part of Israeli Judaization project , Thursday , March 24th 2022 , a group of radical colonists on Khirbet Maso’ud outpost imposed their control over new areas of lands east the outpost on about 14 dunums , most of them are in natural block (13) in Seder Al-Shorafa location, a part of Dhohor Al-‘Abed village south Jenin city , noting that the area is  forest lands.

Reportedly, illegal colonists installed wooden chairs at the location, in addition to gazebos and David star, they also sat up a siege around a plot, leveling to take over it for colonial expansion.

The targeted location is 500 m east the random outpost which was established three years ago on Khirbet Maso’ud , meaning that the area is under colonists and the occupation forces control.

Mr. Tariq ‘Amaraneh Dhohor Al-‘Abed village council head told LRC the following:

“Illegal Colonists pasture sheep in Palestinians’  farmlands att he village , which imposes a threat on farmlands at the village.

Despite the complaints submitted through the civil Administration to the occupation police, the police di not conduct any measurements to reduce the assaults.”

Dhohor ‘Abed is a small village that have been a hot spot for Israeli violations,  which isolated and devoured its land for the construction of the Annexation and Expansion wall.

Khirbet Dhohor Al-‘Abed:[1]

  A small village located to south of Jenin city , only 26 km away , surrounded by Zibda (northeast) , ‘Akkaba (west), Quffin (south) , and the total area of the village is 660 dunums , while the built up area is 80 dunums and most of the village lands are in area C, according to oslo accords.

People of the village have a total population of 467 people according to 2017 census who depend on agriculture as a main source of income.



Photos 1-8 : New attack by Illegal colonists

[1] GIS- LRC



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