The Occupation Troops Demolished a Tent and Closed a road in Masafer Yatta / South Hebron

The Occupation Troops Demolished a Tent and Closed a road in Masafer Yatta / South Hebron


  • Violation: Demolition of a solidarity tent and closing a road.
  • Date: October 25th 2021.
  • Location: Al-Mufqara and Khallet Ad-Dabe’a – Masafer Yatta / Qalqilya governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Citizen of Masafer Yatta.


Monday, October 25th 2021, the occupation troops and machineries destroyed a tent in Al-Mufqara village, and closed a road in Khallet Ad-Dabe’a in Masafer Yatta south Hebron Governorate.

Targeting a Solidarity tent:

About 8:00 am, a massive army force accompanied by the Civil Administration, a bulldozer, a crane truck , and workers from an Israeli Civil company raided the area and demolished a solidarity tent . The targeted tent had been installed by Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission following a number of colonists attacks and raids at the village (For more information on colonists assaults in Masafer Yatta read our report in April 2021 in Arabic, and English , And in May 2021 Arabic , and English . And, September 28th 2021 , read the report in English.  

The tent was sat up one month ago , and had a total area of 40 m2 fixed on a metal body . It was a gathering for local and foreign activists that support people of Sarura and Ar-Rakiz in their steadfastness.

The Occupation forces raided the area with their machineries, destroyed the tent, then confiscated its parts.

Road Closures:

After the occupation Authorities completed the demolition operation in Al-Mufqara village, the occupation troops headed to the east of Khallet Ad-Dabe’a village, and closed a road between Khallet Ad-Dabe’a and Al-Fakheet.

 The road was closed via earth mounds , the machineries also damaged the waterline that provides water to Al-Fakheet village during ravages.

The Occupation troops ravaged this road several times , they also dug a massive hole at the road to block citizens from movement between Yatta town and Masafer Yatta villages, which is a part of the overall policies practiced against people of masafer Yatta in order to drive them out of the area.


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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