The Occupation Uproots Tens of Saplings in Khirbet ‘Einun \ Tubas Governorate

The Occupation Uproots Tens of Saplings in Khirbet ‘Einun \ Tubas Governorate


  • Violation: Sabotaging tens of trees.
  • Location: ‘Einun area \ Tubas governorate.
  • Date: February 15th 2021.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: people ‘Einun.


Less than a month after the Israeli Civil Administration uprooted and destroyed more than 350 forest trees and 64 olive saplings in ‘Einun east Tubas , the Israeli Occupation Forces accompanied by governmental properties officer raided the area again in February 15th  2021 and targeted 240 forest trees , planted by the ministry of agriculture. Noteworthy, after the first attack in January 27th , the uprooted trees were taken to a nearby military camp.

Photos 1-3: The targeted area

The Occupation through the so called Civil Administration intensified its attacks against Palestinian Lands in the Jordan Valley recently . Many attacks were documented, including confiscating agricultural lands , closing vast areas of lands, and notifying agricultural structures and facilities and later demolishing them.

The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture , with funding from the Arab Fund for environment protection under project of Greening Palestine late 2014 , planted forest trees on  vast areas of lands in the Jordan Valley especially Umm Kbaish and Einun areas , in order to beautify the area and attract tourists. Following the project , the Occupation announced most of the area “Governmental Properties” , and issued eviction and closure notices on large parts of those lands.

‘Einun was inside the occupation’s target area , especially natural block 58 , piece 18 , known as Al-Marzeya block , and natural block 57 piece 5 known as Kharab Hamoud , most of these lands were planted with trees , in late 2014 , and early 2015 many of the trees were uprooted , and now at the beginning of 2021 the occupation uproots more trees at the area.

Noteworthy, Khirbet Einun is located 4 km east Tubas and it is considered a part of it, The Khirbet is inhabited by several Bedouin families , and live a basic live depending on cattle breeding and agriculture as a main source of income, most of agricultural lands in Khirbet Einun are considered closed military zones by the occupation.



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