Demolition of a grocery shop in the village of Jabara / Tulkarm Governorate

Demolition of a grocery shop in the village of Jabara / Tulkarm Governorate


  • Violation: Demolishing a vegetable shop.
  • Location: Jabara Village / Tulkarm Governorate.
  • Date: July 13th 2020.
  • Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
  • Victims: Citizen Amer Hamed.
  • Description:

On Monday morning, July 13, 2020, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a grocery shop near the Jabara military checkpoint, in Tulkarm governorate.

Reportedly, the occupation forces razed a caravan 24 m2 ,  ravaged a 60 m2 concrete floor, and demolished retaining walls (22m*1.5m).

Photos 1-4: The rubble of the commercial facility demolished by the occupation

Picture 5: copy of the demolition notice handed over to the owner

Then targeted structure belong to Amer Hamed (34), and lives in the  village of Shoufah, , where the occupation gave him a military notice entitled “Removal of a new building” last June. The notice was issued based on military order 1797 , under which the owners are given only 96 hours to implement the removal or otherwise the occupation forces will implement the operation and make them pay all the costs.

The owner told LRC the following:

“At the beginning of this year, I built a shack with the intention of opening a grocery store. early June, the grocery shop was already ready for opening. But on the 20th of the same month, I received a military notice that forces the demolition and removal of rubble within 96 hours.  I immediately headed to the Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid  to object , but my objection was met with a refusal from the Occupation.  On July 13, 2020, the Occupation forces carried out the demolition. Noting that the shop was the only source of income for my family of  (3 of them are children)”.

During the current year, the occupation authorities have demolished a number of commercial, agricultural and residential structures in different areas in the West Bank.

About Jubara:[1]

7 km to the south of Tulkarem city , Jubara is border by Faro’un village (north), occupied territories of 1948 (west), Shofa village (east), Kafl Al-Jamal and Flamiy (south) . Its population mounts to 313 according to 2017 census.

Families of the town: Jubara, Mahmoud, Awad and Odeh. The town has a total area of 46,914 dunums , of which 73 dunums are the town’s built up area.

Israeli settlements devoured 1068 dunums of the town’s land:

  • Sal’it settlement (1977)  devourd 921 dunums and populated 441 settlers.
  • Ya’arit devoured 147 dunums.

The segregation wall devoured 1531 dunums, and isolated 12,212 dunums.

Oslo conventions divided Jubara into B and C areas:

  • B area : 29862 dunums.
  • C area: 17052 dunums. 

International Conventions and agreements related to demolition of properties:

Article 147 of Geneva fourth convention  : extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly. ( it is considered a serious violation of the convention)

Article 53 of Geneva fourth convention that forbids destroying properties : Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or co-operative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.

Article 33 of Geneva fourth convention: No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed.

Article 32 of Hague convention 1907 part g: To destroy or seize the enemy’s property, unless such destruction or seizure be imperatively demanded by the necessities of war.

Article 17 of Universal declaration of human rights 10 –Dec- 1948:  No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.



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