Notice to stop construction on a residential barrack in Atouf village / Tubas governorate

Notice to stop construction on a residential barrack in Atouf village / Tubas governorate


  • Violation: a notice to stop construction in residential barrack .
  • Location: Al-Baqi’a plain, Atouf village, east of Tubas Governorate.
  • Date of violation:10/05/2020.
  • Perpetrator: the so-called Israeli Civil Administration.
  • The affected party: the citizen Rami Sorour Ali Bani Odeh and his family.

The violation details:

On Sunday morning, the tenth of May, 2020, the Israeli occupation army stormed the village of Atouf in the plain of Al-Baqi’a, east of Tubas Governorate, where the so-called Planning and Building Officer of the Israeli “Civil” Administration handed over a stop work notice in a tin roofed residential barrack under the pretext of un-licensing.

According to the military notice, which bears the numbers of 00483, the occupation has set the second of next June as a hearing session to look into the legality of the notified installation, as is known by the Beit El Military Court.

It is noteworthy that the notified house has a total area of ​​60 square meters. It was established in early March 2020 and is located to the east of Atouf village, where the affected citizen is considered the breadwinner for a family of 3, including a child.

According to the testimony of the 35-year-old injured citizen, he has lived on a plot of land owned by the family for many years, according to official papers, and he works in the agricultural sector to secure his main source of income. Its origins go back to the neighboring town of Tamoun.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that during the past few months, the occupation forces have intensified raids and sabotage operations in the Palestinian ruins in the Al-Baqi’aplain, the most prominent of which are Khirbet Yarza, Khirbet Makhoul and Khirbet Atouf, in addition to the training operations that the Israeli occupation carried out last March in the lands of the plain Al-Baqi’a, which resulted in the destruction and sabotage of dozens of agricultural dunums in the northern Jordan Valley.

Al-Baqi’a plain:

Al-Buqai`a Plain has a total  area of  98,800 dunums, of which 25,000 dunums are located within the lands classified as zones A and B according to  the Oslo Agreement, and the rest of the lands are classified a C. This plain has been subjected to military and colonial activities, foremost of which is the colony of “Bokot” and the camps surrounding it.

Most of the agricultural lands in the Al-Buqai`a Plain area are considered unused in an optimal manner. The occupation confiscates the lands and expels farmers, and cuts water supply which is essential in the agricultural process.


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