Colonists loot a crop from Beir Al-‘idd – East the Village / Hebron governorate

Colonists loot a crop from Beir Al-‘idd – East the Village / Hebron governorate



  • Violation: looting a crop.
  • Date: May 8th 2020.
  • Location: Beir Al-‘Idd – Yata town / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrators: Yacov Dalia outpost.
  • Description: Citizen Ziad Makhamra.


Colonists from Yacov Dalia colony looted a crop from a plot that belongs to Ziad Makhamra , the plot is located close to his village Beir Al-‘Idd east Yatta at Hebron governorate.

Makhamra collected the ervil harvest and prepared it for threshing, he went to his house to take a short rest, and when he got back he found three colonists in his plot  , they loaded the ervil in a Toyota vehicle , then withdrew from the location.

Makhamra planted ervil along a (2 dunums) plot for forage, but colonists continuously harass Makhamra during working at his plot. colonists claim that Makhamra’s plot is a governmental property , and that he does not have the right to cultivate it.

This is not the first time Israeli colonists attack Makhamra , they even attacked his herd and prohibited him from reaching cisterns to provide water for the herd . In 2019, Fanatic colonists assaulted him, and left him wounded.

Makhamra lives in Beir Al-‘Idd village, and is one of the farmers who stayed steadfast at the area , and protected it from colonial expansionist projects.

Ya’acov Dalia , also known as “Havat Talia” was built on confiscated lands from Bir Al-‘Idd , this outpost resembles “Jewish Agricultural Colonies”, residents of Ya’acov Dalia are religious and practice cattle breeding , they are known of carrying out violent attacks against Palestinian farmers and herders.

The Occupation Authorities give special support to such outposts, noting that Y’acov Dalia was nominated for legalization by the Israeli Occupation government.


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