Settlers’ attacks continued Al- Hamra and Al-Kharouba  east of Yata- Hebron governorate

Settlers’ attacks continued Al- Hamra and Al-Kharouba  east of Yata- Hebron governorate


The settlers of “Ma’on” colony, which is built on confiscated Palestinian lands east of Yatta, continued their attacks on farmers and herders in the areas of Al- Hamra and Al-Kharouba in  Khirbet Al-Tuwani, east of Yatta.

Parts of the areas of Al- Hamra and Al- Kharouba are  agricultural areas cultivated with winter crops and  olive trees while other parts are used as pastures by many herders from neighboring villages and hamlets.

The colony of “Maon” is also located close to the lands of citizens in these two areas, and the colonists try to seize these surrounding lands for the expansion of the colony.   Therefore, the colonists embark  on many attacks on herders, pastures, olive trees and agricultural crops in these areas. This situation has turned that area into an arena for continuous confrontations between the settlers and citizens of the neighboring villages, especially the village of At-Tuwani, the closest  to the scene of confrontations. .

During the past year alone, the following settlers attacks were reported against Palestinian herders, farmers  and their agricultural crops:

  • 1- On 16/04/2020: herder Mafzi Rabe’i , 60 years old, was attacked by a group of settlers from Maon colony  while he was grazing his cattle in his land, forcing him to leave the site under the threat of killing;
  • 2- On 17/04/2020: herder Akram Rabe’i, 20 years old, was attacked  while he was grazing his cattle in the Al-Kharouba area. He was beaten at the hands of the settlers and kicked him out of the area along with his sheep cattle;
  • 3- On 18/04/2020 : About 20 settlers came from the settlement of “Maon”, towards the Al-Kharouba area, and attacked the farmer Shehadeh Salama Makhamrah, 58 years old, while he was grazing his herd of livestock. Mr. Makhamrah was beaten and his donkey taken by the attackers. In addition,  the attackers threw stones at a number of farmers who were harvesting their crops forcing them to get out of the area.

As with every attack, the Israeli army  arrive at the scene once the attack has been performed to secure protection for the aggressors and expel the Palestinians out of the area and confiscate cameras used for documenting such a violation as it had happened with  Mr.  Basil Al-Adra, 25 years old, and a member of the local protection committee.



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