A demolition order on a water harvest cistern and agricultural room in Al-Aqaba village

A demolition order on a water harvest cistern and agricultural room in Al-Aqaba village


  • Violation: A demolition order on a water harvest cistern and an agricultural room.
  • Location: Al-‘Aqaba village / Tubas governorate.
  • Date: April 27th 2020.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation building and organization department in the Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Citizen Murad Jaber.


Monday, Afternoon April 27th, the Israeli Occupation forces accompanied by the building and organization officer raided the western entrance of Al-‘Aqaba village east Tubas , the occupation forces hanged a written notice on the targeted room and the water harvest cistern, the notice informed about the occupation’s decision to remove the room and the cistern within 96 hours.

The targeted facilities belong to Murad Jaber from At-Tayaseer east Tubas . The room is built of bricks and zinc with a total area of 16 m2, constructed over two months ago, and used as a store for agricultural tools , and the water harvest cistern has a storage capacity of 60 m2 , and provides water for 12 dunums.

The served notice was numbered (10106) and entitled “Removal of a new building”, issued in reference to military orders (1797) which constitute a violation of the rights to reside and work.

The regulatory degree 1797 was activated early in 2018.  The responsible on the legal unit in The Colonization and Wall Resistance commission ‘Ayed Marar told LRC the following:

“This decree will abolish The Jordanian building and organization law which was applied in the West Bank as an occupied territory. The new decree gives more powers for the civil administration to evict newly inhabited buildings and issue demolition orders. The inspection officer became able to implement the demolition within 4 days.”

Marar pointed out that Palestinians who live in areas controlled by Israel (about 60 % of the West Bank) are suffering from various difficulties imposed by the occupation authorities, such as construction restrictions, they are forced to live in crowded houses , and when they build an additional room or try to prepare their houses , the occupation authorities shows up and demolish the structures.



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