Expanding an outpost in Khallet Hamed / Tubas governorate

Expanding an outpost in Khallet Hamed / Tubas governorate


  • Violation: Expanding an outpost.
  • Location: “Khallet Hamed” area in the northern Jordan Valley.
  • Date: March 19th 2020.
  • Perpetrator: settlers of “Giva’at Sal’it”.
  • Victims: “Al-Himeh” Bedouin community.


While the world is battling a deadly pandemic , settlers continue their colonial expansion and land grabs, this is shown the most in the Jordan Valley area, where settlers conduct daily violations to take over new Palestinian lands, they also prohibit farmers and herders from accessing their lands.

Recently, settlers of “Har Sal’it” were seen setting up caravans to expand their outpost. Reportedly, 7 rooms and an agricultural barracks were brought in to Palestinian lands in Bardala and Ein Al-Bayda.

Photo 1: Khallet Al-Hamed outpost

During the last six month “Har Sal’it” was notably expanded to devour 26 dunums so far, in addition to closing the surrounding postures under security claims.

After Trump announced the so called “Deal of the Century” early this year, the occupation revealed a plan to expand the control area of the outpost , which means that settlers now control over 800 dunums of the areas’ lands on the expense of the local Palestinian communities.

Har Salit colonial outpost in lines:

A group of Gevat Salit settlers in the northern Jordan valley area in 2016 established a new outpost in Khallet Al-Hamed through bringing in tents, water tank and power supply.

The new outpost is only 400 m from Gevat Salit on Palestinian lands confiscated by the Israeli occupation from Ein Al-Beida village.

Today, the outpost is provided with residential units, water and electricity networks and security, even that settlers now threaten endogenous people and owners of land to force them evict the area.

Noteworthy, “Giva’at Sal’it” outpost is illegal and built on stolen lands. In 2003, settlers took over an agricultural land in Bardala village in the Jordan Valley , where they brought in number of tents , and only after 17 years the illegal colony is now confiscating vast areas of agricultural lands.


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